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Welcome to the Quilt Index!

The Quilt Index aims to be a central resource that incorporates a wide variety of sources and information on quilts, quiltmakers and quiltmaking.  This will include:

  • images and information on privately held quilts compiled by state and regional quilt documentation projects in the United States and internationally; Current Contributors
  • images and information on quilts in museums, libraries, and private collections; Current Contributors
  • images and information on quilt-related ephemera;
  • lesson plans, galleries, journals and essays;
  • bibliographies of secondary materials relevant to quilt study; and
  • finding aids developed to assist researchers with locating hard-to-find quilt-related primary and secondary materials in public collections.

This website currently features images and information, provided by an array of contributors, on thousands of quilts from documentation projects, museums, libraries, and private collections.

The Quilt Index represents years of research and development to bring together quilt information in a centralized online tool for education, research, and public access. The Quilt Index is a joint project of The Alliance for American Quilts, MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University and the Michigan State University Museum. Read more about the history

Funding (back to top)

Initial activities were supported in part by a planning grant and a major development and deployment grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation and Access Program. Major funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Leadership Grant program enabled the Quilt Index to work with additional library and museum contributors to expand the mass of quilts, to develop architecture and procedures for interacting with other databases, to develop protocols for adding documents, journals and oral histories to the Index; and to develop a series of written documentation for the whole project. Support from the National Endowment for the Humanities continued national expansion and data integration from a diverse set of new quilt research and documentation contributors. Additional funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services is currently supporting work to increase tools for researchers, teachers, students, curators, and other users and to incorporate quilt-related ephemera into the Quilt Index.

Project leaders will work with formal quilt documentation projects and quilt collections to plan and fundraise for inclusion in the Index. Read the FAQ section or contact the Quilt Index for more information.

Grants (back to top)

Major Support:

NEH Planning (1999)

NEH Preservation & Access (2001-2004)
Proposal | Report

IMLS National Leadership (2004-2008)
Proposal | Report | Evaluation

NEH Phase III Expansion and Integration (2006-2008)
Proposal | Report | Evaluation | Survey Results

IMLS Building Digital Resources (2007-2010)

Digging Into Image Data to Answer Authorship Related Questions (NEH 2010-2011)
Proposal | Report

Collaborative Planning for Internationalization (IMLS)

Quilt Index Comprehensive Fields (back to top)

The Quilt Index "Comprehensive Fields" document contains an inclusive set of descriptive fields that contain necessary information and controlled vocabularies specific to quilt research and study. These terms were developed initially by Michigan State University Museum using quilt documentation forms from pilot sites as well as broader input from many other quilt documentation projects throughout the world. The Comprehensive Fields are formulated as a metadata schema and delivered through the information architecture of MSU's KORA Repository. The Quilt Index repository development and data entry during the pilot phases has continued to inform the development of this resource. A blank documentation form based on the Quilt Index Comprehensive Fields has also been developed.

Quilt Index Copyright Statement (back to top)

Unless otherwise noted the copyright in all art works, images, text, audio, or video depicted in this web site remain with their individual artists, authors, or creators. Contributing partners retain copyright to their contributions, and agree to permanently license contributions to the Quilt Index, a joint partnership with Michigan State University and The Alliance for American Quilts, for educational purposes within the context of the Quilt Index. Reproduction, duplication, transmission, or commercial exploitation of such copyrighted materials are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaties.

Materials licensed to the Quilt Index may only be reused in the context of the Quilt Index, by attribution and only for non-commercial, educational purposes. (To assist in project evaluation, please inform Quilt Index staff of such uses by email.) Those wishing to use images or information found in the Quilt Index in any other way should contact the Quilt Index or the contributing institution, (see Contacts).

Correction and Take-Down Policy (back to top)

The Quilt Index is a digital project that preserves and provides free online access to a wide range of resources on quilts and quiltmaking, for public and educational uses. Digital content is contributed by organizations and individuals ("Contributors") for access via the Quilt Index website in accordance with the Quilt Index Copyright Statement (above). Contributors retain the rights to their original contributions.

In the case of a concern regarding content accuracy or rights for a digital resource available via the Quilt Index, please submit a request via the Quilt Index contact form. Please include a description of the concern, the submitter's relation to the resource, and a link to the item on the website. The concern will be reviewed by Quilt Index staff and forwarded to the Contributor. Staff will make every effort to address the concern in a timely way. If necessary, any record (including both image and metadata) can be removed from public viewing by a project administrator from any of the three partners (MSU Museum, Matrix, or Quilt Alliance) or by the content contributor, until such concern is addressed.

Evaluation (back to top)

The staff of the Quilt Index coordinates evaluation of the Index to improve its services for students, teachers and researchers and to assess its impact on target audiences. Results of evaluation studies and information on evaluation tools will be posted as available here.

Evaluation Tools 
Workshop & Evaluation Leader Tips (QI_evaluation_tips.pdf)
Workshop & Evaluation Form (evaluation_worksheet.pdf)

Publications and Presentations (back to top)

The Quilt Index: Digging Into and Broadening Content, Current Challenges and Future Opportunities by Marsha MacDowell?. Closing Address of American Quilt Study Group Seminar, Bloomington, Minnesota, October 17, 2010.

The Quilt Index: On-Line Tool for Education and Research by Mary Worrall. Round Table Discussion at American Quilt Study Group Seminar, Bloomington, Minnesota, October 17, 2010.

The Quilt Index: Future Directions by Amanda Sikarskie. Poster Presentation, American Quilt Study Group Seminar, Bloomington, Minnesota, October 14-17, 2010.

The Quilt Index: Documenting and Accessing an American Art, By Marsha MacDowell? and Mary Worrall. Poster Session, College Art Association. Los Angeles, 2009.

Documenting Quilting Traditions: Sharing Stories and Stitches by Mary Worrall, Michigan Oral History Association, 2008

The Quilt Index: Communicating Stories in the Stitches. by Mary Worall, Marsha MacDowell? and Justine Richardson. Proceedings of the Textile Society of America, Biennial Symposium. Hawaii, 2008.

The Quilt Index Goes 2.0: A Fiberspace Case Study, Justine Richardson, Dean Rehberger, Marsha MacDowell, Amanda Sikarskie, Mary Worrall, Presented: April 16, 2009, at Museums and the Web 2009. Published in J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds). Museums and the Web 2009: Proceedings. Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics. Published March 31, 2009. http://www.archimuse.com/mw2009/papers/macdowell/macdowell.html

Textiles and Technology: The Quilt Index as a National Model for Online Thematic Collections, by Mary Worrall, Michigan Museums Association, Flint, MI, 2006.

Piecing History: Quilt Documentation and the Quilt Index, by Mary Worrall, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, FL, 2006.

Stitching Data: The Quilt Index as a National Model for Online Thematic Collections Session, By Marsha MacDowell, Mary Worrall, Patricia Crews, Jennifer Gilbert, Justine Richardson; American Association of Museums Annual Meeting and Expo, Boston, MA, April 29, 2006.

Bits & Bolts to Bits & Bytes: The Quilt Index Online Repository and Distributed Archival Management System By Justine Richardson, Michael Fegan, Mark Kornbluh and Marsha MacDowell; Museums and the Web Online Conference Proceedings, Washington, DC, April 2004.
URL: http://www.archimuse.com/mw2004/papers/richardson/richardson.html

H-Quilts: Discussion Network (back to top)

H-Quilts is a moderated internet discussion network and is open to everyone with an interest in the documentation and study of quilts, quilters, and quilting history. For more information visit the H-Quilts website.

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