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About Authored Essay, Gallery and Lesson Plan Resources:
Quilt Index Online Galleries, Lesson Plans, and Essays are a variety of resources developed or adapted for online presentation on the Quilt Index. All resources include title, author, short description, content, list of Quilt Index quilt image records and list of any additional image records included. These resources have been developed by Quilt Index staff and invited contributors.  Some resources provide a virtual presentation of exhibitions that occurred in physical form, thus offering a lasting and accessible exhibition record. All three types of resources are searchable through the Quilt Index search tools. Search All Authored Resources

Galleries, Lesson plans and Essays vary in presentation format and content length as follows:


galleryA Quilt Index Online Gallery offers a thumbnail and featured image format. Galleries consist of a brief description of the gallery’s overall theme (typically 200 words or less) and 3 – 15 quilt image records from the Index.
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Lesson Plan:

lesson plansA Quilt Index Online Lesson Plan offers an icon image, a sidebar of featured quilt image records, and a large text area for lesson plan content. Lesson Plans consist of a description of the classroom activity, materials required, audience or grade-level, education standards/benchmarks covered (if applicable), additional resources, and up to 20 quilt image records from the Quilt Index or links to external resources.
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essaysA Quilt Index Online Essay consists of an unlimited text area, a side bar of featured quilt image records, and an option of embedding specific quilt, ephemera, or other images in the text area. This format accommodates a variety of presentation types, even poems.
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