No-Peek Nine-Patch

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Pattern Names: Nine Patch, Snowball, Jacob's Ladder - Farmer's Daughter
Top By: Parker, Maw Maw (Holmes)
Location Made: United States
Project Name: Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project
Contributor: Louisiana Regional Folklife Program, Tech University
ID Number: 447
Layout Format: One patch or allover
Fabrics: Solid/plain, Print
Construction: Pieced
Other Notes: Location of quiltmaker's death: Crowville LA Learned to quilt from: as a young girl she learned from her mother and had to make quilts for warmth more than for beauty and display. I was told by her daughter that this one was special. It had so many pieces in it where most of her quilts were full size sacks and large pie Other quilts by the quiltmaker: for necessities- I was told I know that others got some but I don't know It was special to have so many pieces.
Related Items/Publications: A morning workshop at the Franklin Parish Piece makers was presented by Marjorie Elrod. Maker says, "We brought 400 - 2.5 squares of different prints or scraps and all the members put them in a big garbage bag. We then filled a smaller bag of squares and then sewed nine-patches. (As many as we could make that morning). We had to complete this project at home. I made a nine-patch with Snowball Blocks." She also says, "To make it, sew 2 7/8" square on corners on the diagonal and press to the corners. With Jacob's Ladder 3 of 2.5 prints, 2 of 2.5 white, 4 half square triangles. 4 Jacob Ladders, 1 Nine Patch, 4 Snowballs."
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