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Pattern Names: one patch
Top By: Quilting Queens of Minden
Location Made: United States
Project Name: Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project
Contributor: Louisiana Regional Folklife Program, Tech University
ID Number: 2434
Layout Format: One patch or allover
Quilt Size: 66.5 x 91.5
Fabrics: Cotton, Print, Solid/plain
Construction: Machine Applique, Pieced
Quilting Techniques: Machine quilting
Related Items/Publications: The Quilting Queens of Minden met and bonded through their volunteer work at the Northwest Louisiana Hurricane Relief Center, in Minden, Louisiana, and after the center closed, center Director Chris Broussard got the idea to make quilts from the clothing items that were left that could not be distributed. The women began to meet weekly and made quilts to auction off to raise money for Katrina and Rita survivors. The quilt is special because it was signed by Hurricane Katrina evacuees, as well as relief workers.
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