Chicora KKK Quilt

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Pattern Names: Shoo Fly
Top By: Ku Klux Klan, Chicora
Period: 1901-1929
Date: around 1926
Location Made: Chicora, Michigan (MI)
Project Name: Michigan State University Museum Collection
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum
ID Number: 89.0071
Brackman Number: 1654
Quilt Size: 60" x 80"
Fabrics: Cotton
Construction: Machine Piecing
Quilting Techniques: Tied or tufted
Other Notes: Made as a fundraiser for Ku Klux Klan. Donor's grandfather won and owned quilt. Passed on to donor by his aunt. One of the blocks has a redwork embroidered hooded KKK figure who is riding a horse and holding a cross. The KKK figure is stitched in black and red thread. It was made to raise money for the Chicora Ku Klux Klan. To get your name stitched onto a block you paid 10 cents. An individual would stitch the names on a given block for instance, my Aunt Grace Raveway did the block for our family. Grace was 16 years old at the time and was quite embarrassed to participate in the project, but she had the best script in the family and best sewing abilities, so she was chosen. The family story is that my Grandfather went to a meeting and left Grandma home sick. He won this quilt when it was raffled off. Aunt Marie Trip Rowe who stitched the block with her family's name on it, has given some information of various people whose names are stitched, where they lived and what they did. Grace Way says that each name holder paid $.10 to have their name stitched to a block. She was 16 years old at the time and quite embarrassed to do this project, she had the best script in the family and best sewing abilities so she was chosen. Aunt Marie Trip Rowe who stitched the block with her family's names on it has given some information of various people whose names are stitched, where they live and what they did.
Inscription: "Chicora, K.K.K. 1926" and "K.K.K. 77." The blocks are embroidered with signatures. Virgil Riefel, Marvin Woolf, Edith Rowe, Ira Rowe, Harry Konkle, Ben Riefel, Cassie Riefel, Howard Riefel, Maggie Konkle, Cora Torrey, Eric Torrey, Mildred Woolfe, Lillie Gilson. Minnie Porter, Eric Wolf, Helen Wolf, John Rankins, Lora Rankins, Walter Rankins, Mary Wolf, David Wolf, Albert Rankins. Katie Payne, Hattie Wall, Gordie Wall, Clara Miller, Ralph Busfield, May Busfield, Bob Dyer, Fern Sweet, Jonny Sweet. Howard K. Hamilton, Muriel Sweet, A. Johnson, Elizabeth M. Clark, C.A. Clark, Charlotte Gile, Hazle L. Hamilton, Albert N. Hamilton, Virgil L. Hamilton. A. Sabrite, L.A. Nash, E.J. Nash, C.A. Mason, Hellon Mason, Robert Mason, Mrs. A. Cook. S.J. Cook, Marie Tripp. Charlie Van Horn, Emma Van Horn, Lloyd Van Horn, Ruby Brindley, M. Brindley, Irving Brindley, Martha Shultz, Aura McBride, Mae Wilkenson. J.P. Hamilton, Myrtle Hamilton & Ovonah, George & Eva & Myrtle Jr. Hamilton, Lionel & Elva & Beverley Hamilton, Gertie & Ora Holmes. Bill Rowe, Ben F. Hamlin, Gladys Kibbe, Herb Welch, Basil Gile, Harry Clark, Goroon Kibbe, Mrs. Guy Bracelin, Herb Gile. Lester Gleason, Marie Gleason, Clair Taylor, Christeen Gleason, Lawrence Taylor, Malen Wolf, Raslle Wolf, Florence Wolf. Iona Kline, Barbara Hughes, C.A. Tripp, E.A. Sharp, Elvin Tripp, Nettie Sharp, Nellie Tripp, Chas E. Tripp, N.B. Hughes, Harriet J. Hughes. John McNutt, Henry Rowe, Catherine Rowe, Lorna Rowe, Bonnabell Case, Trace Rowe, Stephen Case Blanche Case, Ancil McNutt. Henry Hamilton, Claud Wait, Corlan Wait, Vernon Wait, Dorothy Taylor, Anna St. Germain, Grace Schrimshaw, True Schrimshaw. Dora Kline, George Hedrick, Veta Hedrick, Mildred Taylor, Karl Kimpfle, Ann Walker, S. E. Kline, Sandy Sweet, Hattie Sweet. Mrs. Letha Thorpe, Dora Hamlin, Lillie Gilson, Wesley Marshall, Daisy Marshall, Ellen Louise Marshall, J.C. Marshall, Perry Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Jack Shepard, E.G. Bowers. Dollen Rowe, Fred McNutt, Tean McNutt, Carl Rowe, John Ball, Aubrey McNutt, Frank Rowe, Bella Rowe, George Wilcox. Jeanette Moore, Cora Kelly, Edith Parkes, Helen Kelly, Alma Richardson, J.E. Richardson, Elvin Richardson, M.H. Wilkenson, A. Welsh. Mary Wilcox, Fred Williams, Florence Williams, Chas Innels, Mina Innels, Jim Whiteman, Walter Ridley, Georgia Ridley, George Whiteman. Buelah Keeth, Edwin Arba Van Lester, Stanley Keith Van Lester, Carla Sweet, Hiram Richardson, Iva Sweet, Everett Van Lester, Myrtle Van Lester, Buelah Francis Van Lester. Raymond Smith, Blanch Werner, Anna Dodge, Ethel Smith, Valeska Smith, Mabel McNutt, Merril Sheckler, Geo. Crawford, Eva Crawford. Nellie Goodwin, Freeman Goodwin, Wm. Torrey, Wm. Barnett, Charley Taylor, Wm. Taylor, Celestie & Esther Siglar, Bessie Northous. Bernice Throop, Alberta Hamilton, Margaret Throop, Ann Schrimshaw, Beatrice V. Hamilton, Beulah Sprague, Blanche Sprague, Louise Ebert, Frank Ebert. Isabell Croft, Harry Croft, Bob Croft, George & Hellen & Gertrude & George Jr. Schultz, Harry Jr. & Lois Croft, Morris Taylor.
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