The Wind in My Wings

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Top By: Edgar, Kate (Catherine J.)
Quilted By: Edgar, Kate (Catherine J.)
Period: 1976-1999
Date: 5/1994
Location Made: Denali National Park, Alaska (AK)
Project Name: Michigan Quilt Project
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum
ID Number: 99.0317
Quilt Size: 34 1/4" x 38"
Fabrics: Cotton, Lame
Construction: Machine Piecing, Hand Applique
Purpose or Function: Challenge or Contest entry
Other Notes: The last active quiltmaker in my family was my great-grandmother, who died well before I was born. Although my mother didn't quilt, she was a one-time home-ec teacher who sewed our dresses and brought home the most beautiful books about antique textiles. I began my first 'quilt' spontaneously at the age of nine, just a set of alternating red and blue squares that grew to about five by five pieces before I realized that I didn't have enough of the two fabrics involved to amount to much. Sporadic interest continued; I bought my first quilting magazine in 1974. Mom knew Pepper Corey, and would take me to her shop to pet the fabrics. In 1977 I completed my first quilt top, a crib-sized version of the Crow's Nest quilt shown in Beth Gutcheon's Perfect Patchwork Primer (reflecting the taste of the time, I stuffed it with the fluffiest polyester batt available and then tried stab-stitch quilting it at 14-18 to the inch, with the predictable result that twenty-two years later, it still isn't finished.) I rediscovered quilting around 1990, while I was in graduate school in California. The official trigger was the engagement of my best friend, for whom a very special present was needed, but it turned out to be a quilt because I hated school and discovered that the local quilt shop was a wonderful refuge. The making of that particular quilt outlasted the length of the marriage (it still isn't done either) but they did get a smaller wall quilt I made as a challenge piece for the quilt shop. I tend to finish things that have some kind of external deadline, most notably finishing a small quilt for the Hoffman Challenge annually since 1994. I dislike following published patterns, and most of my projects are either self-drawn applique 'cartoons' or are self-drafted traditional quilts. I'm confident in my ability to make fabric do whatever I want it to do, and the fun is in seeing if it will grow up to be what I expect it to be.
Inscription: Kate Edgar
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