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Ishpeming Signature Redwork
Quilter Group: Members of the M.E. Church
Period: 1901-1929
Date: 1902
Location Made: Ishpeming, Michigan (MI)
Project Name: Michigan State University Museum Collection
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum
ID Number: 05.0045
Layout Format: Pictorial
Quilt Size: 81 3/4 x 81 1/2
Fabrics: Cotton, Solid/plain
Colors: Red, White
Construction: Machine Piecing, Embroidery
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Autograph or friendship
Other Notes: PEOPLE OF THE ISHPEMING CHURCH 1903 Looking on Rootsweb, I was able to find some of the people whose names are embroidered on the church quilt. Please refer to the diagram of squares to find the number of the square for each name. Numbers start in the top left. Much of the information was found on Rootsweb and was in the 1880 MI Census Sq. 1 Mr. John Gill m. Susan Tremberth; Russell Argall, b 1896, Ishpeming - d. 1987. Sq. 2 Mr. James Pengilly, 1874-1972. Sq. 3 Arthur Stickney, 1885-1955; Mrs. John Stickney, 1870-1924; Albert Nault, b 1870; Nellie Pierce, 1882, Ishpeming; Mr. Hemming, b. 1879 Ishpeming m. Ellen Lindberg, 1916, Ishpeming. Sq. 4 Arthur Dungey, 1887-1966, worked in a lumber yard, son of Ann Dungey; Gotfred (Godfrey) Silas 1887-1958, sibling of Sophie Silas, Another sibling not signed - Fredolph 1872-1896. Sq. 5 No information available. Sq. 6 Annie Medlyn, (Meddlin) b. 1875, Ispeming, Parents - Wm. & Eliz.; Gertrude Walters 1895, Ishpeming - 1996 Parents: Joseph Walters & Susan Ar see sq. 16 for Rufus H. Walters - Brother of Gertrude; Grandma Ettershank (Eliz. M. Ettershank) b. 1855 Ishpeming Related to Joseph Walters and other Walters. Sq. 7 Mr. W.H. (Hamilton) Barlte, b. 1868, a miner in Nauganee, Parents: John and Thirza Bartle. They had 6 children; Grace Harris, b 1890 Naugunee, brother Wm.-Parents: Richard and Francis. Sq. 8 Olive Tribilcock, 1866-1987; Ethel Jenkins, b 1899 Ishpeming-d.1969, Parents: Wm. Jenkin & Annie Bat. Sq. 9 Barton A. Northey 1882-1963. Sq. 10 Lillian Francis, b. 1883-d. 1952, Parents: James Vivian Francis & Mary A??; Johney Shand, 1826 Ontario Canada, in Ishpeming for 1880 Census R.R. track layer, lived with his mother, Sarah Shand and 3 siblings; Annie Sullivan, b 1890 Ishpeming, Parents: Patrick & Mary Sullivan. Sq. 11 William Bath, miner-m. Catherine, Children: Wm. H., Tho. J., Eliz.; Enda Steinbrecker, b 1893, Marquette Co., parents: Edward & Mary; Ethel Northey, b 1894-d1983; Alli Wright m. Frank Card, 8/189?; Thomas Tregear, miner, b 1852, wife-Emma J. - 2 children; Sarah Hooper, b. 1866 NJ, 7 children in Ishpeming, parents: William Hooper (age 50-1880) miner and Elizabeth (age 44); Gilmore Jenkin, b 12/1902; Maude Williams, b1890, Meguanee, parents: John & Mary Williams. Sq. 12 Wilfred Henry Beaglehole, b 1904, Ishpeming - d 1976; Samuel Rowe, 1874-1953 (in Long Beach, CA) m. Lucy Coombes, parents: Wm. George Rowe & Margaret Beaglehole; Bertha (Charlotte) Beaglehole, b 1885-d 1951, m. Bernard Arthur Trat?, 1906 Ishpeming. Sq. 13 Th. Colllick, d. 1949 m. Mabel Walters 6/1907; Nellie E. Nelson, b 1882 Ishpeming, parents: Andrew & Annie Nelson. Sq. 14 Mildred Westman b1896-d1977; Wm. S. Pascoe, b. 1878 Ishpeming, siblings: Tho. J., Mary A., Wm., parents: Tho. Pascoe (age 33 in 1880), a miner, m. Mary A. (34). Sq. 15 Blanche Miners, b. 1896, parents: John Tho. Miner & Christianna Trembath; Eldred Collick, b 1898-c1981; Beatrice Jenkins, b. 1893, Ishpeming, parents: Wm. & Annie Jenkins. Sq. 17 Herbert Kellow, b. 1889; William Bartle, b. 1844, mining Captain, Ishpeming, family on 1880 census Eliza, Ellen, Susan, Bessie, Wm., Minnie, John, Lottie, Anna, Frances Henry (brother). Sq. 18 Wm. Argall. b. 1870, Eng. Son: Wm. J., 1907-1996, parents: Richard J. & Betsy Argall - children: John J., Wm., Mary S; Patrick John Gleason, b 1868, Miner, Ishpeming, brother, Tho. Gleason, lived in the home of Patrick Hughes; John Freethy, 1900-1984. Sq. 23 John William Skewes, b. 1880, Cornwall-d.1961 Ishpeming, Married Lillian Robbins, b 1883 Michigamme-d1943 Ishpeming, parents: Thomas George Skewes and Jane Mitchell; Russell Carlyon, 1898-1984; Harold Simmons, 1899-1980, Ishpeming. Sq. 24, Myrtle Elizabeth Johnson, b. 1892 Ishpeming-d.1967, m. Tho. Williams; Edward J. Phillips, b. 1876 Nauganee-d.1937, parents: Thomas Phillips & Mary Ann Treveran.
Related Items/Publications: WESLEY METHODIST CHURCH The services of the Methodist Episcopal Society were held in a small schoolhouse in the Cleveland Location beginning in 1867 until the first church was built in 1869. In 1891, a foundation for a new church building was laid on north Third Street, but economic conditions and labor strife halted the project. Later the Trebilcock Brothers acquired the Third Street property and Ishpeming Greenhouses were constructed on the foundation. A new church was eventually built on the site of the original church on the northeast corner of Division and Second Streets. The building, pictured here, was completed in 1903 and later welcomed the congregations of the Cleveland Avenue Methodist Church and the Finnish Methodist Church in mergers which ultimately resulted in the congregation which now worships under the name of Wesley United Methodist Church. The current church building on Hemlock Street was consecrated in 1966 and the old structure was razed in 1972 following a fire. The lot now contains an apartment building.
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