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Quilter Group: Intuthuko Embroidery Group artists with Hester Viles
Quilted By: Viles, Hester
Period: 2000-2025
Date: 2014
Location Made: Etwatwa and Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa
Project Name: Michigan State University Museum Collection
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum, Quilts and Human Rights, South Africa Quilt History Project (SAQHP)
ID Number: 15.0191
Layout Format: Nontraditional or art
Quilt Size: 29 3/4" x 30"
Fabrics: Cotton
Colors: Beige or Tan, Black, Gold
Construction: Embroidery, Hand dyed threads on 100% South African cotton fabric and edged with traditional Shweshwe fabric.
Purpose or Function: Art or personal expression, Commemorative
Related Items/Publications: "Conscience of the Human Spirit: The Life of Nelson Mandela," exhibit catalog, Marsha MacDowell and Carolyn Mazloomi, Michigan State University Museum, 2014, page 24.
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