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Church quilt
Top By: Mgidi, Betty
Period: 2000-2025
Date: 2014
Location Made: Johannesburg South Africa
Project Name: Michigan State University Museum Collection
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum, South Africa Quilt History Project (SAQHP)
ID Number: 14.0063
Layout Format: Pictorial
Quilt Size: 47" x 27"
Fabrics: Cotton, Leather, beads
Colors: Cream
Construction: Ink drawing
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Inscription: Patch on lower right corner on back "O.R. Indluyenkolo Betty Mgidi 4. Ridenlay road Primose Hill via Bedford view Patch on lower middle "Indluyenkolo I made this painting of my church in Weltevrede in Mpumulanga, because Heaven is my throne and the earth my Footstool. A temple can be built and nourish me but those who choose their own ways are delighting in their sins and are doomed. God will not accept their offerings. That's why we must trust in God and pray everyday so in the end you must rest in peace and your soul must be accepted by God. God bless us all in heaven. Betty."
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