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Top By: Rybolt, Metta Celeste
Location Made: United States
Project Name: Michigan Quilt Project
Contributor: Michigan State University Museum
ID Number: 85.1987
Layout Format: Block pattern
Other Notes: Her daughter-in-law's mother (Alice Lane)was influenced by her on trips to Detroit. Metta Schroll Rybolt became very interested in quilting when she spent time in Detroit with her son's family. According to her daughter-in-law, Vivian Rybolt, when my mother-in-law stayed with use she spent time with my mother who was very active in quilting...when she went back up to Lapeer she kept quilting...She liked more simple patchwork designs. Most of her quilts are made in simple block patterns set with alternating plain blocks squares. Marsha MacDowell, who received several quilts from her great-grandmother Rybolt, saw her quiltimaking relative only a few times because Rybolt died when MacDowell was young. However, MacDowell vividly recalls one of her first visits at the age of four to Rybolts's second floor apartment in Lapeer: I remember only two things about that trip...going up a very steep set of stairs and seeing the quilt frame set up in her living room...the frame seemed to take up a lot of space. Another quilt, made by Rybolt for MacDowell's birth, holds a special place in the family's collection of quilts. Over the years, the red and white quilt with embroidered pictures was used constantly, and as a result, much of the red embroidery thread was worn away. As a surprise present for MacDowell's 25th birthday, her mother Betty MacDowell, reembroidered all but one of the squares. The last one was left unrepaired, but with a needle and thread stuck in it so that it could be finished by the owner who "would then appreciate how much work went into it." Many other members of the Rybolt family received quilts from Metta Rybolt as gifts for special occasions. It is estimated that she made more than 50 quilts. (See no. 123 and 138 for quilts by related family members.)
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