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Pattern Names: Album
Top By: Unknown, Quiltmaker
Date: 1840 - 1860
Project Name: Signature Quilt Project Public Submission
Contributor: International Quilt Study Center, Signature Quilt Pilot Project
ID Number: 2008.040.0089
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 71 inches x 87 inches
Fabrics: Cotton
Construction: Hand Piecing, Hand Applique
Purpose or Function: Unknown
Description: This album quilt contains 40 names, many individuals share common last names. Very little information is known about the quilt at this time.
Other Notes: This quilt was previously owned by collectors Sara Rhodes Dillow and Byron Dillow, M.D. of Fremont, Nebraska. The International Quilt Study Center received the quilt in 2008, from the estate of Sara and Byron Dillow, M.D.
Inscription: 1a:M.A. Brown 1b:Maria Odell 1c:Sarah Jurnes 1d:S. A. Conklin 1e:Mary Haring 2a:Joanna Blauvelt 2b:Eliza J. Onderdonk 2c:____ Jurnes 2d:M E M_____ 3a:Maria Litokholt 3b:F.O. 3c:Elizabeth Sbills 3d:_____ Oderdonk 4a:Johanna Blauvelt 4b:Eliza Hopper 4c:Mary E. Onderdonk 4d:H A Blauvelt 4e:Mary. Wilcox 5a:M _ _ 5b:C A Onderdonk 5c:Emily Mar_ _ _ 5e:Anna Kasting 6a:A. G. D_ _ _ _ 6b:M. E. Friels 6c:ALMIRA S. 6d:Mrs E Lecur 6e:S. Furman Top Border:George Furman Top Border:Elmira Furman Left Border:A G Cooper Left Border:Sarah Cooper Left Border:Mary C Cooper Left Border:A. S. Cooper Left Border:Mary Ann Cooper Left Border:L. Cooper Left Border:William W Furman Bottom Border:Elizabeth Furman Bottom Border:John W Furman Right Border:Mary J Willkes Right Border:Elizabeth Onderdonk
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