Rolling Stone Signature Quilt

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Pattern Names: Rolling Stone
Top By: Unkown, Quiltmaker
Period: 1850-1875
Date: 1853
Location Made: United States
Project Name: Signature Quilt Project Public Submission
Contributor: International Quilt Study Center, Signature Quilt Pilot Project
ID Number: 2003.003.0241
Brackman Number: 1727a,b
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 92 inches x 105 inches
Fabrics: Cotton
Colors: Brown, Pink, Red, Yellow, Turkey Red
Construction: Hand Piecing
Purpose or Function: Unknown
Description: This rolling stone signature quilt contains 29 names. The names all appear to be inscriped by one hand in the fraktur lettering style. For more information on fraktur lettering and quilts see Lucinda Cawley's article "Ihr Teppich: Quilts and Fraktur," in Uncoverings 2004. This quilt is included in Cawley's research.
Other Notes: According to census information, Cawley has identified Matilda Person as a 21 year old residing in Upper Milford with her farmer father whose property was worth $6,000 dollars. Cawley's "research of the names inscribed on the Lehigh County fraktur quilts is available at the library of the Lehigh County Historical Society, Hamilton at Fifth, P.O. Box 1548, Allentown, PA 18105-1548. Phone 610-435-1074." In Lest I Shall be Forgotten by Nancy and Donald Roan, they discuss fraktur quilt styles and call them Beddelmann (beggar) quilts.
Inscription: 1a:Matilda Person ihr Teppich. 1853. 1b:Maria Anna Widert. 1c:Heinrich Schnurman. 1d:Daniel Erdman. 1e:Sarah Matilda Erdman. 2a:Georg Kemmerer. 2b:Peter Widert. 2c:Franklin Stettler. 2d:Maria Wonsitler. 2e:Jacob Erdman. 3a:Elisabeth Kemmerer. 3b:Jacob Schneider. 3c:Johannes Berger. 3d:Benjamin Kemmerer. 3e:Johannes Sell. 4a:Lydia Schneider. 4b:Maria Schneider. 4c:Anna Seider. 4d:Amanda Salady. 4e:E_oelina Sell. 5a:William Schneider. 5b:Catharina Schneider. 5c:Maria Seider. 5d:Peter Hottel. 5e:Morgan T. Person. 6a:No Inscription 6b:Eliza Person. 6c:Abraham Sell. 6d:Thomas Widert. 6e:Mesianna Wieder.
Related Items/Publications: Publications: Cawley, Lucinda R. "Ihr Teppich: Quilts and Fraktur." Uncoverings 2004 V.25 11-40. Ewing, Gretchen. Quilts. Allentown: Call Chronicle, 1983. Holstein, Jonathan. American Quilts. Kyoto: Korinsha Co. Ltd., 1976. Holstein, Jonathan. Made To Remember HF Johnson Museum, Cornell. Ithaca: H.F. Johnson Museum-Cornell, 1991. Pg 36. Rogers, Susan. Crazy Like a Quilt. New York: New York Post, 1971. Pg 46. Yokan Kyoto Shimbun. Kyoto: Yukan Kyoto Shimbun, 1976. Exhibitions American Quilts. Museum of Modern Art Kyoto, Japan. 7/04/76-08/08/76. Quilts and Ceramics. Museum of Art University of Michagan. 07/10/82-08/22/82. Goethe House, NYC. 09/13/83-10/22/83.
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