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Pattern Names: Album
Top By: Unknown, Quiltmaker
Period: 1850-1875
Date: 1850-1875
Location Made: Possibly made in Brooklyn
Project Name: Signature Quilt Project Public Submission
Contributor: International Quilt Study Center, Signature Quilt Pilot Project
ID Number: 2007.001.0002
Layout Format: Medallion or framed center
Quilt Size: 83.5 inches x 83.8 inches
Fabrics: Cotton
Construction: Hand Piecing, Hand Applique, Embroidery
Purpose or Function: Unknown
Description: This collaborative album quilt contains 33 names. Five, all with the last name of Story, are identified on the quilt as being from Brooklyn.
Other Notes: Purchased from Jewett-Berdan in 2007. Jewett-Berdan notes that the quilt descended in her husband's family and was made for a member of the Harris family. , This album quilt has very charming block designs that vary in their skill level. The differences in skill seem to indicate that there were several quilt makers. The quilt also contains a mixture of inked and embroidered names which typically indicates multiple quilters. The names on the quilt that are legible all belong to females. The center medallion contains the name Susan Boots. At this time nothing is known about her. The two most common last names are Story, with six names, and Butts, with five names. According to the 1880 census,Mrs. Rowland Story may be Melinda Story of Brooklyn whose husband is Rowland Story, daughter is Sarah E. Story(also on the quilt) and her son is George H. Story.
Inscription: 1a: Abagail Hieks 1b: Mary E. Adsit 1c: Deborah Butts 1d: Mariett Boyce 1e: Emma L. Story Brooklyn 1f: Hannah Butts 2a: Elizabeth Story Brooklyn 2b: M C 2c: Mrs. J. Cronkhite 2d: Anar Tompkins 2e: Mary C. Hieks 2f: Sarah E. Story Brooklyn 3a: Mrs. Rowland Story/Brooklyn 3b: Deborah Butts 3e: Ca__terine J. Moore 3f: Ber___e Wright 4a: Matilda Travis 4b: Jane M Puffer 4e: Mrs. G. W. Haight 4f: Laura Leutt 5a: Philura Story 5b: Emma Gale. 5c: Mary J. Rider 5d: Celia Weed 5e: Mary J Palmer 5f: Amy H Mallow 6a: Mrs. Gale 6b: Carrie Butts 6c: Elizabeth Tompkins 6d: Eliza Gregory 6e: Ch_____ie Story Brooklyn L.F. 6f: Hannah Butts Center Medallion: Susan Boots
Related Items/Publications: Atkins, Jacqueline M. and Phyllis A. Tepper. New York Beauties: Quilts from the Empire State. Dutton Studio, 1992. Pg. 28.
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