Scarlett & Dan's Wedding Quilt

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Top By: Rose, Scarlett
Others: Peard, Mary Ross
Period: 1976-1999
Location Made: Anderson, California (CA) United States
Project Name: Signature Quilt Project Public Submission
Contributor: Signature Quilt Pilot Project
Layout Format: Medallion or framed center
Quilt Size: 77" x 71"
Fabrics: Cotton, Cotton or polyester blend, Polyester, Rayon, Silk, Other blends, Satin, brocade, sueded polyester
Colors: Black, Red, White
Construction: Machine Piecing, Hand Applique, Attachments (beading, charms, buttons, etc), Embroidery, Other embellishment technique
Purpose or Function: Wedding
Description: At their wedding in 1997, Scarlett Rose & Dan Nobriga's guests signed blocks for this quilt, which Scarlett put together as a quilt top and partially quilted.
Other Notes: Many of the guests at Scarlett & Dan's wedding signed printed muslin blocks that Scarlett put into this quilt, which also uses most of the fabrics left over from her making of the wedding party's outfits. Scarlett had taken apart a used Japanese wedding kimono, bought in San Francisco, and reverse appliqued the machine embroidered cranes into a wedding kimono outfit she created. The red brocade fabric was used for the kimonos worn by the 2 Matrons of Honor and the 2 bridesmaids. The solid black fabric was used for the men's kimonos. The Scottish crest shown at the top border is Dan's family crest for clan Gunn. Scarlett's wedding pictures are still very popular pages on her website, with many wedding sites linking to them as an excellent example of a theme wedding., Mary Ross Peard was one of Scarlett's Matrons of Honor. The other Matron of Honor was Rose Marie Straw. Mary Ross Peard did all of the silk ribbon embroidery on this quilt.
Inscription: First row, L to R: Dan & Scarlet, Best wishes to a great couple. Wishing you happiness and good fortune With our love, Frank & Connie __________________ Happiness ~ Peace and Joy Always ~ Pat Mickela __________________ May marriage be all you hoped it would be! John & Lila Tahti __________________ Dear Scarlett & Dan, You have my wishes for a wonderful wonderful Happy life together. May all your dreams come true. Love, Lois Schuler __________________ Only Joy will come Judy + Howard __________________ Second row, L to R: Scarlett & Daniel ~ Best wishes for a lifetime of love, laughter, sharing & caring... This is such a special day... Cris Hartman __________________ 10 May 1997 Dan & Scarlett All the best Dixie & Tony Ten Broeck (inscription inside a drawing of a kimono) __________________ Georgeann __________________ Third row, L to R: Rosalinda Brainerd ___________________ (a column of five Japanese numbers, from 1 to 5, with these inscriptions next to each number) Is for a long life Is for fortune together Is for God's blessings Is for happiness Is for love! Ross & Dilly Clark 10 May 1997 ___________________ Dorothy Allan ___________________ Verla Green ___________________ Fourth row, L to R: Dan and Scarlett - I hope you will have a long and happy life together. Rowena Goodner ___________________ for Scarlett & Daniel, a wish for your Happiness & Health in your life together your quilting Pal Bette Lee (Collins) ___________________ Love Live Enjoy Barbara Tavolazzi ___________________ Fifth row, L to R: May your Days be filled with the Sweetness(?) of Love and your nights with the warmth of being together Tom & Lilth (?) Carswell ___________________ Maxine Holland ___________________ Written in a circle are the words "love is all is love" repeating, with the name "Rose Marie Straw" signed in the center of the circle. ___________________ Ann Arbuckle ___________________ Sixth row, L to R: Congratulations Scarlett and Daniel Love Always Jessica Dupont ___________________ An inscription in Japanese, which translated means "Happiness/Joy until the end of time" Yojiro and Sheryl Sadohara ___________________ Pauline Murphy ___________________ Everett and Martha Hilbert Good Luck Scarlett and Dan ___________________ Signatures below this row are signed in squares set on point on the left half of the quilt, with more squares set straight on the right half. Signatures in the on point squares: Japanese inscription that says "I wish you a joyous life!" Mary Harris ___________________ May Your Life be full of Love and Happiness Lola & Jerry Cerepa ___________________ Bea Stone ___________________ Scarlett & Dan, Always remeber to keep love central in your marriage. May you have many joyous years together. Love Jeannette Massari ___________________ Much Happiness all your married life A Fox (Ann) ___________________ Scarlett and Dan I wish you happy days and joy in the little things! Take care of each other and all your days will be good Love you, Barbara Wilde ___________________ Kitty Pippen Your old quilt- show buddy. Love ya! ___________________ Halli Keller ___________________ The best of everything always This creation cannot be topped Jean Schaumberg __________________ Scarlett & Dan Many good wishes forever. I will always remember working with you. As ever, Pat Larsen __________________ May your marriage be filled with harmony & beautiful music! Fondly, Candace LiVolsi, harp Roseann D. Belton, flute (the two professional musicians who played Japanese music during the wedding ceremony) ___________________ The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay - love isn't love 'till you give it away! much love to you Monte & Joanie Kielty ___________________ Love and Prayers Lois Busby ___________________ Dan & Scarlett Best Wishes to you both today and always... Troy & Michelle Jardiville ___________________ Happiness Always Doris Stadelman ___________________ Lois Barnes Best Wishes ___________________ Signatures on the right lower half of the quilt: We wish you love et happiness The Killians ___________________ Scarlett & Dan, Blessings of love and joy to you, now and always! Love, Dan & Cathy Ferrarese ___________________ May the luck of the Irish be with you always! All the Best Irish Mary and Harold Smith Wishing you Love; Friendship; Loyalty: XXX ___________________ With best wishes Richard B. Eaton (retired Superior Court judge who performed the marriage ceremony) ___________________ Best Wishes Daniel McDonald. ___________________ Dan & Scarlett, We sincerely, pray that your life together is as happy and fulfilling as our has been these last 29 years. Loving you both, Jackie & Bonnie (John) ___________________ Hope you have a WONDERFUL life together Amanda Dupont ___________________ Dan & Scarlett - "To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth..." May your joy be forever. Much love, Jolean ___________________ Katy Bryan '97 ___________________ May your life together be always Happy and Long. Best Wishes Maxine Tomei ___________________ Scarlett and Dan we are very happy for you. May the rest of your days be as perfect as your wedding day. Much love Joyce & Joe Scherrei ___________________ I'm so glad to share This Day with you March 1997 Babs Robinson The signatures include that of retired Superior Court Judge Richard B. Eaton, a well known personality of Shasta County, CA, who is now deceased. Judge Eaton performed the wedding ceremony for Scarlett and Dan, and had also married Scarlett's brother Vance to his first wife.
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