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Pattern Names: Waring Quilt
Period: 1850-1875
Date: 1851
Location Made: Arnold, Maryland (MD) USA
Project Name: Permanent Collection
Contributor: DAR Museum
ID Number: 2001.33
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 104.5 inches x 120 inches
Fabrics: Cotton, Solid/plain
Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White
Construction: Hand Piecing, Hand Applique, Reverse Applique, Dimensional applique, Embroidery
Quilting Techniques: Not quilted
Purpose or Function: Unknown
Other Notes: Duplicate cornucopia block in the collection of the Maryland Historical Society. Thomas Hamilton Arnold [born 1825, died 1901] was a prominent farmer and Post Master for whom the town of Arnold Maryland is named. Sarah Rebecca Waring [born 1827 died 1860], Margaret Waring [born either 1830 or 1836 died 1895] and Eliza Pricilla Waring [born 1835 died 1911] were sisters. Thomas married Sarah in 1853 and had 4 children with her. After her death he married Eliza in 1863 and had 6 children with her. Margaret never married. All the sisters are listed in the 1850 Census in their father's household. In the 1860 census Sarah is listed living with Thomas along with two of her brothers but the location of other family members is undetermined. In the 1870 Census both Eliza and Margaret are listed in the household of Thomas. The sigificance of the exact date April 24, 1851 is undetermined. Lydia Pumphrey [nee Wilson, born 1824 died 1855] also lived in Anne Arundel County near the Warings and Arnolds. The quilt was passed down through the families descended from Alton Arnold, Thomas' oldest son.
Inscription: Various names from the Arnold and Waring Family (in embroidery, stencil, and ink in block centers) A 1- Eliza Waring 2- Lydia Pumphrey 3- E.P. Waring 1851 4- 5- MAEW B 1- 2- Sarah R. Waring / April 24 / 1851 3- T.H. Arnold / 1851 4- T.H. Arnold 1851 5- Eliza Waring C 1- 2- Eliza Waring 3- M.J.E. / Waring / 1851 4- SRW 5- D 1- MAEW 2- 3- 4- M.E.W. 5- Eliza / Waring
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