Peach Posy

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Pattern Names: Peach Posy, Modern Rose Panel (Mary E. McElwain), Modern Rose quilt pattern No. 1039 by Nancy Cabot
Commercial Sources: "Modern Rose" kit by Mary McElwain Quilt Shop (Walworth, WI) "Needleart Guild's Original Master Quilting Patterns" Quilting designs used: #69, #71, #83 & #93.
Top By: Gasperik, Mary
Quilted By: Gasperik, Mary
Period: 1930-1949
Date: 1934
Location Made: Chicago, Illinois (IL) United States
Project Name: Mary Gasperik Private Collection
Contributor: Gasperik Collection
ID Number: 001
Layout Format: Vertical bands
Quilt Size: 68 inches x 96 inches
Fabrics: Cotton, Print, Solid/plain
Colors: Brown, Cream, Rust
Construction: Hand Applique
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Personal enjoyment, Unknown
Description: This is one of two quilts Mary Gasperik made using "Modern Rose Panel", a quilt design by Mary McElwain of Walworth, WI. The pattern was offered as a stamped quilt top by the McElwain shop in two fabric selections. Gasperik chose "brown print and peach flowers on eggshell background". Made from kit fabrics and appliqué patterns provided in the "Modern Rose" boxed kit, this quilt exhibits Mary Gasperik's habit of experimenting with a variety of quiltING patterns and producing overall designs which are unique to each of her quilts.
Other Notes: McElwain's kit probably did not specify the quilting design. Excerpt of kit description: "Ready Stamped Quilt Top--The box contains background material, applique material, and final binding." A pattern with the same block design was offered by Nancy Cabot. It was called "Potted Rose Bush". The Cabot column describes the design as follows: "Here is one of the old and well known rose designs used in a more or less modern setting. "Potted Rose Bush" is a native of Kentucky and a popular member of the quilt realm throughout the country.." This column features a drawing of the individual block as well as a sketch of a quilt showing the blocks arranged in two vertical rows of six blocks., See the introductory essay for photos and information about this quiltmaker.
Inscription: (barely legible is a cloth address label sewn to the back: MARY GASPERIK and traces of the words "HAZELCREST' and "ILLINOIS" are visible
Related Items/Publications: Catalog: Romance of the Village Quilt (Walworth, WI: Mary A. McElwain Quilt Shop, 1936). Modern Rose Panel batt wrapper pattern from Rock River Cotton Co., Janesville, Wisconsin, 1934. Needleart Guild's Original Master Quilting Patterns, Needleart Guild, 826 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids, Michigan (undated). The same pattern was offered by Nancy Cabot in a Chicago Tribune quilt column reading "A modern rose design in an applique pattern creates an effective quilt for single or twin beds. Either print or plains materials, or a combination of both, may be used. The pattern contains directions for cutting and setting together as well as color suggestions. For the modern rose quilt pattern, No. 1039, send 10 cents in stamps or coin, plus 2 cents to cover mailing cost, to the Needlework Bureau, Chicago Tribune, 2020 Fifth av., New York City." A quilt column from an unidentified source, but dated April 9, 1944, offers the same Pattern No. 1039. That columns reads "Here is one of the old and well-known rose designs for a patchwork quilt. It's a pattern you will enjoy working on and one that will call forth exclamations of admiration. The finished block measures 11 1/2 inches square. Pattern No. 1039 contains complete instructions, To order, send ten cents in stamps or coin to Needlework Department, care Grit, Williamsport, Pa." The illustrations in the two newspaper columns picture the same quilt design.
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