Hungarian Couple Block

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Pattern Names: Hungarian Couple (George), Hungarian Harvest Festival
Commercial Sources: Peasant Costume in Europe-Book 1 (1937) by Kathleen Mann
Top By: Gasperik, Mary
Quilted By: Gasperik, Mary
Period: 1930-1949
Date: late 1930s
Location Made: Chicago, Illinois (IL) United States
Project Name: Mary Gasperik Private Collection
Contributor: Gasperik Collection
ID Number: 096
Layout Format: Pictorial
Fabrics: Cotton, Solid/plain, Print
Construction: Hand Applique, Embroidery
Quilting Techniques: Not quilted
Purpose or Function: Other, Other
Description: Cropped from a black and white family photo showing the framed block 'Hungarian Couple' on the living room wall in the Chicago home of George Mihalovits, Mary Gasperik's younger brother.
Other Notes: It is not known when Gasperik gave this to her younger brother George Mihalovits and his wife Laura. It was apparently something of a joke in George's family that Mary had promised them a quilt - which was never in fact given. George's youngest daughter, Mary Ann Walinski, told Susan Salser about this in 1992, at the time of the Gasperik quilt show in Ravenswood, Livermore. California. As she looked at those 60+ Gasperik quilts hanging in this show, Mary Ann may well have been wondering which one was NOT the promised gift from her Aunt Mary! She explained that the framed Hungarian Couple, seen in this photograph on the wall behind George's sofa, ultimately ended up in the basement of their Chicago home, where it rotted and was discarded. , For the central figures, Peasant Costume in Europe, Book 1, (1937) illustrated by Kathleen Mann may be the design source. Gasperik's daughter Elsie, who encouraged her to develop her own design ideas, gave her the book as a gift.
Related Items/Publications: Original photo (source of #096 and #096a) in Karen Finn, private collection. A second b/w photograph taken at the same time and place shows Mary Gasperik and her two brothers, George and Alex Mihalovits (he changed his family name to Michael Lavitte) sitting on that same sofa, underneath the framed Hungarian couple hanging on the wall behind the sofa at George's house. This second photograph is part of the shared Gasperik family archive.
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