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Pattern Names: Indiana Wreath (Susan)
Commercial Sources: Probably McCall's #524 "Indiana Wreath" published circa 1935. The pattern for the three hovering blue birds may be borrowed from a quiltING pattern offered in a Nancy Page Quilting Club Column in the newspaper. Floral border is C7 from Grandmother's Perforated Quilting Patterns (1934) also offered as No. 47 & 48 in Needleart Guild's Original Master Quilting Patterns; double feather wreath is pattern A in Grandmother Clark Book No. 22 (St. Louis, MO 1932).
Top By: Gasperik, Mary
Quilted By: Gasperik, Mary
Period: 1930-1949
Date: Unknown
Location Made: Chicago, Illinois (IL) United States
Project Name: Mary Gasperik Private Collection
Contributor: Gasperik Collection
ID Number: 043a
Brackman Number: 80.22, 80.23
Layout Format: Medallion or framed center
Quilt Size: 80 inches x 102 inches
Fabrics: Cotton, Print, Solid/plain
Colors: Blue or Navy, Green, Red, White
Construction: Hand Applique, Embroidery, extra batting under appliqued grapes
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Art or personal expression, Bedding, special occasion
Description: The interesting thing about the four Indiana Wreath quilts is that they show more experimentation with quiltING design than experimentation with applique pattern. It is the selection of fabrics, and the quiltING patterns which distinguish these four quilts which look, at first glance, to be the 'same' quilt. Although the range of experimentation is narrow here, Mary did not duplicate her Indiana Wreath quilts. The most significant of the motifs Gasperik quilted into her versions of 'Indiana Wreath' are the grape cluster and the elaborate corner feather design which she borrowed from Rose Kretsinger's quiltING designs presented in Plates IV and V of the famous 1935 quilt book: Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America. With her re-creations of the famous 'Indiana Wreath', Gasperik was saluting Marie D. Webster and Rose G. Kretsinger, two major quilt figures of her time.
Other Notes: The design source of the Indiana Wreath quilt pattern #524 offered by McCall's Needlework on pages 26-27 of its Winter 1937-38 issue was probably Cecilia Knapp of Monroe, Michigan, who's quilt business is highlighted on these pages. Among the few surviving Mary Gasperik quilt-related materials is a business card from Cecilia Knapp. Gasperik and Knapp probably met at a Detroit News Quilt Show. Both were active members of The Detroit News Quilt Club Corner. Gasperik might have gotten an Indiana Wreath pattern directly from Mrs. Knapp.
Related Items/Publications: Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them, Marie D. Webster, Doubleday, Doran & Company Inc., 1928, frontispiece is a hand-tinted photograph of the 1858 quilt made by Elizabeth J. Hart. Also see text about 'Indiana Wreath' on pages 84-86. Pp 26-27 Winter 1937-38 McCall Needlework magazine with Indiana Wreath pattern featured. Susan Salser private collection. Photocopy of a page from a 1938 McCall countertop catalog includes the listing pattern No. 524, Indiana Wreath. Business card which belonged to Mary Gasperik, reading "Cecilia Knapp, Quilts and Patchwares by The Woman Who Makes Them, 712 S. Monroe St., Monroe, Mich. PATTERNS AND STAMPINGS". Mary Gasperik archive, care of Karen Finn. Coat of Arms quilting pattern pictured in Woman's Day Magazine, May, 1943, p. 42. Susan Salser private collection. This pattern more closely resembles the motif Gasperik quilted than does the (similar) pattern presented as Plate IV p 275 in Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie Hall and Rose Kretsinger.
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