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Top By: Kaveny, Julia
Quilted By: Kaveny, Julia
Period: 1901-1929
Date: 1920s
Location Made: Pawtucket, Rhode Island (RI) United States
Project Name: Rhode Island Quilt Documentation Project
Contributor: University of Rhode Island
ID Number: 334
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 79 inches x 92 inches
Fabrics: Cotton, Striped, Solid/plain, Print, Multiple scrap, Geometric, Floral, Feedsack, Dotted
Colors: Red, Blue or Navy, White
Construction: Machine Piecing, Hand Piecing
Quilting Techniques: Tied or tufted
Purpose or Function: Other, Bedding, daily use
Other Notes: Passed down from mother to daughter for three generations. Current owner intends to continue passing it on., Had very little so they used what they could find to make quilts., She was always making something, made a lot of aprons. Very thrifty.
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