Japanese Crazy Quilt

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Pattern Names: Crazy
Top By: Quiltmaker, Unknown
Quilted By: Mitchell, Eugenia
Others: Mitchell, Eugenia
Period: Timespan
Date: 1940
Location Made: Golden, Colorado (CO) United States
Project Name: RMQM Permanent Collection
Contributor: Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Quilts and Human Rights
ID Number: PQ.1991.012.001
Layout Format: Crazy
Quilt Size: 55.000 inches x 83.000 inches
Fabrics: Polyester, Silk, Satin, Geometric, Plaid, Solid/plain, Striped
Construction: Hand Piecing, Embroidery, Painting
Quilting Techniques: Not quilted
Purpose or Function: Unknown, Unknown
Other Notes: This quilt is hand pieced with solid, plaid, striped, and geometric prints and embroidered with cotton embroidery floss in green, navy, and rose. There is no batting. The binding is made of bias multicolored fabrics with rounded corners. There is no quilting. The backing is a handsewn pieced tan flannel sheet. The quilt is made from ties brought from Japan by the maker who was born in Japan, immigrated to California, and was sent to Colorado during World War II. She met Eugenia Mitchell at a museum in Littleton. HowAcquired: donation Ownership/History: Made by a Japanese woman who originally immigrated to California, but was placed in an internment camp in Colorado during WWII. She says she met Eugenia Mitchell at a "little depot museum" in Littleton, CO. The unknown Japanese woman started the quilt and Eugenia Mitchell finished it. LocMade: ///CO//USA
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