Apple Core

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Pattern Names: Spools
Top By: Melrose, Nettie J. (Bryant)
Quilted By: Melrose, Nettie J. (Bryant)
Location Made: Colorado (CO) United States
Project Name: RMQM Permanent Collection
Contributor: Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
ID Number: PQ.2003.007.001
Layout Format: One patch or allover
Quilt Size: 77.000 inches x 81.000 inches
Fabrics: Cotton, Wool, Velvet, Solid/plain, Plaid, Checked, Striped
Construction: Hand Piecing
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Personal enjoyment, Bedding, daily use
Other Notes: This Applecore quilt was made by Nettie J. Bryant Melrose who is a teacher in Greeley, CO. It was donated by Janice Yalch and Ed Gillespie of Howard, CO. This was from the Nettie Melrose collection. Of special note, the quilt includes a whisker guard. Nettie was raised in Paonia, Colorado and graduated from high school there in 1912. She married at age 44 and moved to Pueblo. HowAcquired: Donated to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum by Janice Yalch of Howard, CO. Ownership/History: Made by Nettie J. Bryant. Nettie J. Bryant was born August 10, 1893, in Eastern Kansas. She moved to Florence, CO, with her family sometime before 1900. In 1908 the family moved to Paonia, CO, and then to Pagosa Springs, CO. They returned to Florence in 1933. Nettie's father served the town of Florence as mayor for one term, and as city councilman from 1941-1943. He was secretary of the Lions Club for five years, and worked with the Blind Association until his death in June of 1951. Mr. Bryant died at the age of 81 in a train-car collision in Florence. He was a passenger. Ada Bryant, Nettie's mother, passed away January 27, 1944. Cause of death was a heart attack. Nettie records in her diary that she and her mother would often sew together. A teacher by occupation, Nettie attended Bible School in Des Moines, IA, and received her teaching degree at Greeley, CO. On September 29, 1937, she was united in marriage to Harry G. Melrose in Pagosa Springs, CO. They resided in Pueblo, CO, until Harry's retirement in 1957. At that time they moved to Coaldale, CO. Nettie remained in Coaldale after Harry's death until the last year of her life, when she was in a nursing home in Canon City, CO. Nettie Melrose passed away March 9, 1984, and is buried next to her husband in Union Highland Cemetery in Florence, CO. They had no children. Included in Nettie's diaries is her love of all kinds of needlework. Nettie was proficient in knitting, tatting, crochet, and some types of weaving. She began making quilts at an early age and continued to make them into the 1970s, treasuring those quilts made previously by her mother, aunt, and grandmother. It is possible that Nettie's mother or grandmother pieced the Apple Core quilt. The quilt was donated to the museum by Janice Yalch of Howard, CO, who retains possession of the rest of the Melrose quilt collection. LocMade: Longmont///CO//USA
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