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Pattern Names: Texas Sesquicentennial Quilt
Quilter Group: Quilter's Guild of Dallas (50 members)
Top By: Cothrum, Margaret; Corbett, Paula; Copeland, Katie; Burchfield, Dorothy; Baker, Betty; Ashbacher, Sally Redman; Eubanks, Eleanor; Field, Ruth; Fowlkes, Shirley; Fugua, Susan
Quilted By: O'Bannon, Margaret, Noullet, Margaret, Morris, Joanne, Mitchell, Jan, Meehan, Marcia, Lotman, Kaye, Leonard, Evelyn, Legett, Libby, Pearson, Darla, Read, Phyllis
Others: Kalmus, Margaret, Huddleston, Peggy, Howell, Betty, Hobby, Laura, Harkins, Lynn, Hanz, Jean, Garver, Virginia, Klein, Dana, Lee, Nona
Period: 1976-1999
Date: 1985
Location Made: Dallas, Texas (TX) United States
Project Name: Texas Sesquicentennial Quilt Association, Texas Quilt Search
Contributor: Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin
ID Number: tqs_0120
Layout Format: Pictorial
Quilt Size: 100 in. x 114 in.
Fabrics: Cotton, Print, Solid/plain
Colors: Blue or Navy, Cream, Red, White
Construction: Hand Piecing, Machine Piecing, Hand Applique, Embroidery, embroidered details on many blocks
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Commemorative, Artwork/wall hanging
Other Notes: Other members of the Quilter's Guild of Dallas who worked on this project were Camille Reagan, Sandy Rex, Virginia Reynolds, Dorothy Richards, Karen Roossien, Polly Schafer, Susie Skelton, Jean Smith, Linda Smith, Mary Smith, La Relle Sommers, Sara Steel, Liz Tyler, Jo Valenti, Tricia Van Buskirk, Nancy Vencevich, Mary White, Marilou Wimmer, Ginny Wright, and Lynn Wright.
Related Items/Publications: Bresenhan, Karoline Patterson and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes, Lone Stars: A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1936-1986, Vol. II (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1990), p. 140-141.
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