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Mosaic Star
Top By: Hayne, Mary Hopkins
Period: 1800-1849
Date: ca. 1793-1856
Location Made: United States
Project Name: Texas Sesquicentennial Quilt Association, Texas Quilt Search
Contributor: Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin
ID Number: tqs_0001
Layout Format: One patch or allover
Quilt Size: 43 in. x 49 in.
Fabrics: Cotton, Chintz, Checked, Floral, Print, Solid/plain, rainbow roller prints
Colors: Beige or Tan, Brown, Cream, Red, Turquoise or Teal, Yellow, Madder Red or Cinnamon Red
Construction: English template Piecing, Hand Piecing, Hand Applique, Other applique, Other embellishment technique, cut-out bouquets of chintz flowers have been appliqued in each of four corners using broderie perse technique.
Quilting Techniques: Not quilted
Purpose or Function: Baby or crib, Bedding, special occasion
Other Notes: Mrs. Mary Hopkins Hayne may have made this quilt in either North or South Carolina, possibly for her first granddaughter, Eliza Fannie Parks. This quilt has been handed down within the family to the present day. Eliza Fannie's daughter, Frances Crockett McKenzie, moved to Texas with her parents in 1866 by way of Mobile to Galveston. The family traveled by wagon to Cotton Gin, Texas, in Freestone County. In 1878 Frances moved to Alabama following her father's death; she took the quilt with her. There she married a member of the Johnson family in 1885 and moved back to Texas, bringing the quilt with her. Frances Crockett McKenzie Johnson and her husband settled in Navasota, Grimes County, Texas, living there from 1888 to her death in 1948. This quilt is owned by the quiltmaker's great great great granddaughter. , Imported fabrics. Because it is known that this quilt was made either in North or South Carolina, Karey Bresenhan speculated that quiltmaker may have lived near Charleston, S.C., where imported fabrics were easily accessible. Karey also noted that Charleston area was noted for its chintz applique quilts; this quilt includes examples of this in its four corners containing chintz florals appliqued using broderie perse technique., Quilt owners states that she thinks "sewing of all kinds has been a hobby of women in my family for many generations."
Related Items/Publications: Bresenhan, Karoline Patterson and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes, Lone Stars: A Legacy of Texas Quilts, Vol. I, 1836-1936 (Austin: University of Texas Press: 1986), p. 24-25.
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