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Double Irish Chain-detail
Top By: Spicer, Harriet Sophia Fyler
Quilted By: Spicer, Harriet Sophia Fyler
Period: 1850-1875
Date: 1854
Location Made: Amboy, New York (NY) United States
Project Name: Texas Sesquicentennial Quilt Association, Texas Quilt Search
Contributor: Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin
ID Number: tqs_0008
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 69 in. x 74 in.
Fabrics: Cotton, Print, Solid/plain
Colors: Blue or Navy, White, Indigo Blue
Construction: Hand Piecing, Hand Applique, Reverse Applique, Embroidery
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Gift or presentation, Bedding, special occasion
Other Notes: The quiltmaker Harriet Sophia Fyler Spicer was born in 1820 in Sullivan, New York. She married in 1848, but eventually separated from her husband; she supported herself and her three children by quilting, weaving, and spinning. She made this quilt as a presentation quilt for her first-born son, William Porter Spicer. She began the quilt before William's birth and finished it two years after he was born. The present owner, Jean Brady Fox, stated that her Great Aunt Flora, the quiltmaker's daughter, said her mother called the quilt "Pennsylvania Around the Square."
Inscription: At top right corner: "Patience, Industry, Economy, Prudence, Ingenuity, Encouraged" At top left corner: Presented to William Porter Spicer / by his mother, Harriet S F Spicer / April 1st 1854.
Related Items/Publications: Bresenhan, Karoline Patterson and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes, Lone Stars: A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1836-1936 (Austin: University of Texas Press: 1986), p. 38-39.
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