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Period: 1850-1875
Date: 1869
Location Made: CASSVILLE, West Virginia (WV) United States
Project Name: West Virginia Heritage Quilt Search
Contributor: West Virginia Department of Archives and History
ID Number: 50082
Brackman Number: 1631d, p. 209
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 84.5 x 74.5
Fabrics: Cotton, Dotted, Muslin, Percale
Colors: Blue or Navy, White
Construction: Hand Piecing, Machine Piecing, Hand Piecing, Embroidery
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Gift or presentation, Personal enjoyment, Other, Bedding, daily use
Other Notes: THE QUILTING REMINDS ME OF THE NORTHERN BORDER COUNTIES OF ENGLAND (NEXT TO SCOTLAND), Quilting patterns Very nice blue and white w/1/2" triangles, making up star points Attached history of Nancy Fleming Corewho was owner's father's great grandmother. Nancy was the daughter of Robert Fleming. She married Barton Core, son of Christopher Core. Nancy's family was driven from Scotland to the North of Ireland by religious persecution. Nancy and her four brothers, Robert, Archibald, William, and John came to the United States in the early 18th century and took up lands under William Penn in 1741 in Kent County, Delaware. Then they came to western Virginia in 1789 and settled on lands near the Monongahela River. Nancy and Barton were parents of 11 children., Husband's birth month: November, Husband's birth day: 2, Husband's birth year: 1820, Husband's birthplace: CORE WV, Husband's date of death: month: September, Husband's date of death: day: 29, Husband's date of death: year: 1905, Husband's burialplace: MONONGALIA COUNTY WV, Quiltmaker's burialplace: CASSVILLE WV
Inscription: 1869
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