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Oddfellows Cross
Top By: Family; Neighbors; Deason, Jesse Marshall
Quilted By: Family, Neighbors
Period: 1876-1900
Location Made: Lincolnton, Georgia (GA) United States
Project Name: SunBonnet Sue Quilt Guild
Contributor: Florida Quilt Project, Sunshine State Quilters Association
ID Number: SSQASSQG00123
Brackman Number: 2902
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 66.25 in x 75.25 in
Fabrics: Conversation Prints, Floral, Plaid, Striped
Colors: Blue or Navy, Green, Maroon, Yellow, Chocolate Brown or Hershey Brown, Chrome Green, Claret or Wine, Double Pink, Madder Brown
Construction: Hand Piecing
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Art or personal expression, Home decoration, Personal enjoyment, Bedding, special occasion
Other Notes: Believed to have been by slaves. Materials made by hand, threads, fabric., Maker and family gathered to construct quilts
Related Items/Publications: From mother - DOB 1904 and Aunt - 1898 & 1902
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