Floridian Garden

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Top By: Bitter, Louella Beatty
Quilted By: Bitter, Louella Beatty
Period: 1930-1949
Date: March 1933
Location Made: Quincy, Illinois (IL) United States
Project Name: Sears Quilt Contest 1933 Chicago World's Fair
Contributor: Waldvogel Archival Collection
ID Number: 003
Layout Format: Medallion or framed center
Quilt Size: 68 inches x 90 inches
Fabrics: Silk, The attached lace was made by the quiltmaker.
Colors: Blue or Navy
Construction: Blanket, buttonhole, or other decorative applique stitch, Embroidery, The family story of why the judges disqualified the quilt is that the French knots had worked through the silk. Another reason was that some of the penciled pattern lines were visible. According to grand-daughter Eleanor Alford, "I cannot believe that these reasons would have disqualified, rather, would have dropped the quilt back in prize position. My own theory is that the quilt was the worng size, which would indeed disqualify it. No one knows for sure." Alford to Brackman, January 20, 1983.
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Art or personal expression, Challenge or Contest entry, Bedding, special occasion
Description: Each quilt entry was required to have an official entry form affixed to the quilt's bottom right corner. This quiltmaker also attached the judging point guidelines--as a reminder to the judges. This quilt in an original design was disqualified according to the family's story because French knots had worked through the silk.
Other Notes: Quilt was donated to the Chicago Historical Society after the Patchwork Souvenirs exhibition ended., According to the owner (the quiltmaker's grand-daughter), her grandparents had a winter home in St. Petersburg, Florida for many years and both loved Floridian life. Grandmother was an accomplished artist (oils, charcoal, and pastels) so her talents were used to design the quilt. Among the quilting pattern itself can be seen many flowers, ferns, a pair of doves in flight, a cardinal and a pelican. Detail in the center floral design shows a pair of bluebirds flying to their nest containing two nestlings. Also can be seen butterflies in among the flowers. She loved nature." (Eleanor Alford to Barbara Brackman, January 20, 1983)., Her full name was Joanna Louella Beatty. She grew up in Maysville, MO, but was born in West Virginia. She came to Quincy to attend Chaddock College where she met her future husband. They were married in Maysville on March 17, 1886. He was on the staff of St. Mary Hospital. Her chief interests were her home and family. she was a talented artist and whenever possible coninued to study art at the Notre Dame academy in Quincy.
Inscription: Mrs. LOUELLA BITTER, "Floridian Garden", Month of March 1933, $100. Original Design. Mrs. Louella Bitter, 1180 State Street, Quincy, Ill. Chicago Sears Store 1020.
Related Items/Publications: 1936 photo of Dr. and Mrs. Bitter, Quincy, IL on p. 48 Patchwork Souvenirs.
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