Martha's Vineyard

Commercial Sources: Martha's Vineyard, Mountain Mist pattern line, Stearns & Foster Co.
Top By: Litsey, Georgia
Quilted By: Wilson, Mrs. Blaine
Period: 1930-1949
Date: 1933
Location Made: Leitchfield, Kentucky (KY) United States
Project Name: Sears Quilt Contest 1933 Chicago World's Fair
Contributor: Waldvogel Archival Collection
ID Number: 033
Brackman Number: 16.55 Encyclopedia of Applique
Layout Format: Other
Fabrics: Cotton, Solid/plain
Colors: Green, Purple, White
Construction: Hand Applique
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Challenge or Contest entry
Description: This quilt made with a Martha Vineyard's pattern in the Mountain Mist line.
Other Notes: According to Martha Moorman of Leitchfield, KY (Letter to B Brackman, Sept 13, 1982), "Mrs. Litsey died in January 1964 and a public sale was held later in theyear, so no on seems to know for sure just who did get the prize-winning quilt.", According to a letter from a close neighbor (Margaret Moorman) "I do know that she had the Mountain ladies of Kentucky to do actual quilting finish which cost about $20.0 to $30.00 a quilt back in late 1920s and 1930s." This same respondent reported in 1982 that Georgia Litsey did quilt tops for Cincinnati Mountain Mist Cotton establishment which supplied her with patterns and material to make quilts for herself too. (Sept 1, 1982 letter from Margaret Moorman to Barbara Brackman). Mountain Mist routinely employed professional quilters to make the Mountain Mist patterns into quilts. These quilts became part of the Mountain Mist Collection which was used for many years for publicity at quilt events, state fairs, department store windows, etc.
Related Items/Publications: Mountain Mist Blue Book of Famous Quilt Designs (Cincinnati: Stearns & Foster, 1935).
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