Nineteen Hundred Thirty Three

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Commercial Sources: Ladies Art Co. had a set of alphabet blocks in their catalog. Hearth and Home also had a set.
Top By: Longsworth, Jeannette Morgan
Quilted By: Longsworth, Jeanette Morgan
Period: 1930-1949
Date: 1933
Location Made: Racine, Ohio (OH) United States
Project Name: Sears Quilt Contest 1933 Chicago World's Fair
Contributor: Waldvogel Archival Collection
ID Number: 036
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 61 inches x 81 inches
Fabrics: Cotton, Solid/plain
Colors: Blue or Navy, Red, White
Construction: Hand Piecing, Hand Applique
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Purpose or Function: Challenge or Contest entry
Description: Jeannette Morgan Longsworth of Racine, Ohio created a quilt with a bold design to catch the judge's attention and possibly win the bonus prize. The contest took place at the depths of the Great Depression and many people who would not otherwise have made a quilt, did so in the hopes of winning the $1000 grand prize.
Other Notes: Quilting is an allover square grid with parallel lines quilted in the striped border.
Related Items/Publications: Photo of quiltmaker provided by her family is on pg 9 in Patchwork Souvenirs.
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