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Embroidered Snowflake
Top By: Beckett, Ruth M.
Quilted By: Beckett, Ruth M.
Period: 1930-1949
Date: c1930-40 when quiltmaker was 30-40 years old.
Location Made: Probably in Burlington, IA and finished in Denver, Colo., Colorado (CO) United States
Project Name: Arizona Quilt Project 1987-1989
Contributor: Arizona Quilt Documentation Project
ID Number: T272
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 80" x 80"
Fabrics: Cotton, Muslin weight
Other Notes: Main white embroidered part done by maker years ago and stored away. Discovered by daughter who purchased material for backing and quickly put it together to present to maker. Daughter did not quilt, so this was tied with white yarn. Put together and finished by her daughter, the owner. Finally finished especially for maker's 90th birthday on July 4, 1982.
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