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Whole Cloth
Date: c1787
Project Name: Arizona Quilt Project 1987-1989
Contributor: Arizona Quilt Documentation Project
ID Number: WX019
Brackman Number: Reference Source Used: Judy Rehmel
Layout Format: Medallion or framed center
Quilt Size: 76" x 83"
Fabrics: Wool, Solid/plain, Hand-loomed linsey-woolsey
Colors: Gold, Red
Construction: Hand Piecing
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting
Other Notes: Quilt said to be Amish. Thread is also handmade. This is one piece of a large collection of textiles amassed by a school teacher, Enid Barnes, who used the textiles she gathered on her travels to educate the children in her classroom. It was a gift to the Rex Allen Museum from the collector's niece.
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