Jasper County Courthouse 1895 Quilt

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Pattern Names: Signature
Quilted By: Ladies of Grace Episcopal Church Guild
Period: 1876-1900
Date: 1894-1895
Location Made: Carthage, Jasper, Missouri, United States
Project Name: Signature Quilt Project Public Submission
QI Contributor: Signature Quilt Pilot Project
Submitted by: Michele Newton Hansford
ID Number: 1993.000.Quilt
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 69 inches x 90 3/4 inches
Fabrics: Cotton
Colors: Red, Turkey Red
Quilting Techniques: Machine Piecing, Embroidery
Description: Jasper County Courthouse Fundraising Quilt of forty-four red embroidered name blocks around a large central block featuring the image of the Jasper County Courthouse located in Carthage, Missouri (along with two circles of names). All four borders on the quilt also feature names (same technique as blocks).
Other Notes: Quilt honors construction of the Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage, Missouri, 1894 to 1895. Also was fundraising quilt for local church (Grace Episcopal Church, 820 Howard Street). Quilt was displayed at the church in 1969 for its centennial celebration and again in 1989. It was donated to Powers Museum in 1993 from estate of Elizabeth Wright who was the grand-daughter of Lacie Caffee (Block 5B) to whom the quilt was presented by an unknown lady who purchased the quilt at the original bazaar in 1895.
Inscription: "Carthage Court House 1895" appears above the embroidered image of the courthouse.

Names appear in blocks of six across the quilt except in rows four and five where the central courthouse image takes the place of four blocks. Blocks are numbered for this identification purpose from top to bottom (rows one through eight), left to right (columns A through F). Block names are laid out like spokes of a wheel with two names in the center circle or hub. Some of the latter are positioned top and bottom while others are left and right within center circle.

Order of block name listing is clockwise starting with top center spoke. The circle names (all but two blocks have two names only in the circle) follow the eight names (spokes) in the block listings below.

Block 1A: Edith Kerr, Julia Van Gieson, Ella Platt, Lottie Powers, Maud Ellers, Mary Thornton, Laura Mark, Juanita Wittich, Hattie McCarthy, Grace McCarthy

Block 1B: Mr. J. A. Terry, Mrs. Aaron Myers, Mrs. Johns, Mrs. A. W. St. John, Mrs. J. A. Terry, Mr. A. W. St. John, Mrs. W. D. Mateer, Mrs. Lucy Cowgill, Mrs. W. H. Hatch, Mr. W. H. Hatch

Block 1C: Mrs. Augustus Roos, Mrs. Dr. D. Trinkler, Mr. Thos. Hill, Mrs. J. M. Babbitt, Mrs. K. W. Clark, Mrs. M. J. Smith, Miss Ella Seitz, Mrs. D. M. Walker, Mrs. F. Matthews, Mr. F. Matthews

Block 1D: Mrs. J. Booten, Mrs. W. C. French, Mr. R. H. Rose, Mrs. Lydia Corwin, Mrs. M. A. Norris, Mrs. Jennie Higgins, Mrs. R. H. Rose, Mrs. [Blank] Higgins

Block 1E: Nellie Warner, Mrs. J. Tomlinson, Mrs. P. Peters, Lyn Tomlinson, Nellie Clark, Mary A. McCabe, Mr. P. Peters, Mr. J. Hardman, Mrs. Jonn Hardman

Block 1F: Mrs. C. Burch, Mrs. H. D. Hubbs, Mrs. D. Bliss, Mrs. May Lou Graysing, L. W. Niles, Mrs. Will Mann, Aletha Niles, Mr J. W. Baird, Mable Bender, Hattie Evens [Evans?]

Block 2A: Mrs. E. Allen, Mrs. C. E. Turner, Mrs. J. M. White, Mrs. J. W. Corley, Mr. J Corley, Mrs. A. E. Thompson, Mrs. W. H. Hatch, Mrs. T. E. Gray, Mr. T. E. Gray

Block 2B: Mrs. Manning, Mrs. R. McCarthy, Mrs. P. Lott, Mrs. H. H. Harding, Mrs. G. Pool, Mrs. H. T. Harrison, Mrs. S. James, Mrs. W. C. Eldred, Mrs. J. M. Whitsett, Mrs. C. L. Bartlett

Block 2C: Mrs. F. M. Haines, Mr. O. F. Garrison, Mrs. W. Sevey, Miss E. M. Wangelin, C. E. Matthews, Mrs. O. F. Garrison, Mrs. E. Wangelin, Choteau Garrison, Mrs. R. M Davis, Mrs. Mary Bailey

Block 2D: Mr. Pharis, Mrs. F. Cowgill, Mrs. Pharis, Mrs. T. W. Deal, Mrs. C. Hubb, Mrs. P. E. Taylor, Mrs. Brewster, Mrs. Nellie Byers, Mrs. C. C. Miller, Mr. C. C. Miller

Block 2E: Mrs. Howenstein, The When Shoe Store, Mr. Howenstein, Mr. W. G. Woodmansee, Mr. Whitehead, Mrs. W. G. Woodmansee, Mrs. Whitehead, Mrs. Laura S. Moore, Mr. B. M. Boykin, Mrs. B. M. Boykin

Block 2F: Geo. W. Davis, Mr. B. L. Norton, Eliza Wynn, Mrs. B. L. Norton, Mrs. H. L. Marx, Belle Mansfield, Mrs. A. Biffer, Mr. J. D. Rainwater, Mr. G. W. Davis, Mrs. G. W. Davis

Block 3A: Edith Johns, Ida Brinkerhoff, Anna Newell, Belle Perkins, Ethel Hawkins, Grace Brinkerhoff, Louis Cahn, Ada Hawkins, May Gabriel, Nina Hout

Block 3B: Dr. Wale, Dr. Whitney, Dr. King, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Berry, Dr. Flower, Dr. Burch, Dr. Mathews, Dr. Brooks, Dr. Hill, Dr. Freed [three names in the circle]

Block 3C: Eliza Bailey, Hettie Haines, Alta Ruffin, Katherine Conard, May Chase, Ella Slauson, Albert Weztel, Russell Garrison, Helen Fabyan, Charlie Drake

Block 3D: George Park, Marie Maynard, Nellie Spence, Etta Maynard, Inez Spence, J. Earnest Young, George Elred, Mary Brinkerhoff, John Blakeney, Cella Wilbur

Block 3E: Sadie Kellogg, Mrs. Frank Chaffee, Mr. J. C. Lee, Mrs. Frank Brownsill, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. F. W. Chaffee, Mrs. J. C. Lee, Mrs. John Brownsill, Walter Wells, Mrs. Clifton

Block 3F: Mr. T. I. Dean, Mrs. G. B. Stebbins, Mrs. Hoffman, Mr. Charles Martin, Mr. T. I. Dean, Mrs. M. M. Hunter, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Charles Martin, Mrs. Ed. Hall, Mr. Ed. Hall

Block 4A: Mrs. Richardson, Dr. H. J. Maynard, Mrs. W. Perry, Mr. E. R. Wheeler, Mrs. Newell, Mrs. H. J. Maynard, Guy J. Hout, Mrs. E. R. Wheeler, Mrs. H. J. Miller, Mr. H. J. Miller

Block 4B: Frank Wells, Mrs. William McMillan, Ralph Wells, Mrs. Joe McMillan, Julia Wells, Mr. Joe McMillan, Guy McMillan, Mr. William McMillan, Mr. S. S. Wells, Mrs. S. S. Wells

Block 5A: Mrs. Julia Gray, Mrs. C. D. Plummer, John Burham, Mrs. J. G. Burham, Cora Burham, Mrs. A. Wornbarber, Mr. J. C. Young, Mrs. Martha Johnson, Mr. Charlie Hout, Mrs. Charlie Hout

Block 5B: Mary Caffee, Jessie M. Caffee, George Caffee, Lacie A. Caffee, Pattie Caffee, Amos H. Caffee, George Caffee Jr., W. K. Caffee, Edna C. Brown, W. H. S. Brown

Interior Center Circle (around courthouse image, clockwise starting at top center) Names: E. C. Thym, W. G. Gill, J. S. Ford, George Wheeler, H. Bettebeimer [Bettebenner], Howard Gray, F. Bettebeimer [Bettebenner], L. W. Divelbiss, Jim Jacobs, John Wood, Jim Ellis, Jim Reno, D. D. Kerr, R. Lundy, C. W. Baxter, Annie Baxter, W. Shannon, J. F. Shannon, S. A. Stuckey, E. B. Jacobs, J. T. James, H. Tyree, M. M. Hunter, I. F. Russum, T. M. Garland, W. Woodward, L. A. Fillmore, C. Leaming, C. E. Elliott, W. H. Kilgore, Thos. Buckeee, Frank Tull, Joe Prather, C. D. Lisiecki, A. A. Lisiecki, Curtis Wright, J. R. Pfeninger [Pfenniger], G. Grauberger, E. L. Andertow, W. R. Logan, E. Kline

Outer Center Circle of Names (clockwise starting at top center): B. S. Briles, H. H. Harding, S. E. Wetzel, W. B. Kelley & Co., Mrs. E. W. Harper, J. L. Davison, H. Rassler, Jas. Spence, D. R. Fenner, L. E. Archaias & Co., W. E. Ford, S. S. Heckathorn, Block & Bros. , B. Catron, J. F. Youtsey, Rev. A. F. Blake, W. S. Wells, W. J Sewell [Sewall], Deal Bros., Prof. Ford, Miss E. Best, Mr. Yeater, Mrs. Grace Clark, Miss B. Chase, Miss V. Batterton, Miss Carrie Hammons, Miss L. McReynolds, Miss. L. Twitchell, Miss L. Vaunaman, Mr. R. Robinson, Miss F. Jordan, Rev. Hemingway, Miss Brooks, Rev. R. K. Maiden, G. Asendorf,
Rev. Sltuz, J. Higdon, Rev. S. Hanna, The Fair,Rev. Wainwright, R. H. Rose, Rev. L. W. Welsh, A. D. McBean, D. Beesan, Eugene Sharum, J. Hornback, Carthage Grocer Co., J. N. Schooler, S. D. Robinson, Mr. A Chase, C. A. MCubbin, Mrs. A. Chase, W. R. McDonald, Dr. G. D. Coe, J. Roessler, J. J. Corbett, Kate Tull, Dr. Galbreath, W. M. Wood, Steadley Bros., F. G. Laubach, B. F. Thomas, Geo. W. Springer, E. T. Eldred, J. M. McMillan, W. A. Eldred, J. W. Hutcheson, W. C. Eldred, Ramsay Bros., R. T. Stickey, J. W. Wilber, Geo. Webster, J. W. Wilber, Theo. A. Coffelt, D. M. O'Donnell

Block 4E: Mr. W. A. Steed, Walter Harrington, W. B. Dent, Mrs. C. O. Harrington, Mrs. W. A. Steed, Mr. C. O. Harrington, Mrs. J. C. Dent, Alice Harrington, Mrs. F. H. Johnson, Mr. F. H. Johnson

Block 4F: Mr. G. Webster, Mrs. J. H. Culbertson, Mrs. F. Hill, Mrs. S. F. Gashwiler, Mrs. G. Webster, Mr. H. J. Culbertson, Mr. F. Hill, Mr. S. F. Gashwiler, Mrs. A. O. Ihlseng, Mr. A. O. Ihlseng

Block 5E: Jennie Steinner, Lizzie M. Slocomb, Lucy A. Martin, Mrs. Bela Clark, Laura Friend, Mrs. J. D. Clarkson, Clara White, Mrs. G. Ragsdale, Minnie Moore, Mrs. W. Moore

Block 5F: Mrs. C. Seaman, Mrs. Sarah McDaniels, W. R. Logan, Mrs. Ada McMecham, Mrs. W. R. Logan, Cora Flanigan, M. T. Thornton, W. T. Porter, Mrs. W. T. Porter

Block 6A: Mrs. E. M. Gray, Mr. H. T. During, Mrs. Augustus, Mrs. Ed. Garland, Mr. E. Garland, Mr. H. Mendenhall, Mrs. Kate Torphy, Mrs. H. Mendenhall, Ada Hout, Mrs. H. Hout

Block 6B: Mrs. Dr. McClurg, Mr. Hal Wardin, Mrs. A. M. Hurty, Mrs. J. N. Wilson, Mrs. D. Chase, Dr. J. N. Wilson, Mrs. A. B. Deutsch, Mrs. Hal Wardin, Mr. A. C. Cahn, Mrs. A. C. Cahn

Block 6C: Mrs. J. R. Tunt [?Junt], Mrs. J. H. Robinson, Mrs. G. W. Read, Mrs. A. W. Hough, Mrs. J. Herrin, Mr. G. A. Cassil, Mollie Cassil, Mrs. Nellie E. Lenhard, Mrs. E. O'Keefe, Mr. E. O'Keefe

Block 6D: Mrs. Conard, Mrs. Julius Roessler, Mr. B. B. Allen, Mrs. J. P. Newell, Mr. J. P. Newell, Mrs. John T. Ruffin, Mrs. B. B. Allen, Mr. Julius Roessler, Mrs. C. H. Hodges, Mr. C. H. Hodges

Block 6E: Irene Martin, Lucy Cunningham, Rilla Young, Esther Dinsmore, Dick Hood, Blanch Griswold, S. B. Griswold, Bird Cunningham, O. D. Royse, May Cunningham, Tom Franks (three names are in the circle on this block)

Block 6F: Mrs. W. Meyers, Mrs. A. M. Drake, Mrs. Chas. Brown, Mrs. A. J. Drake, Mrs. S. Meyers, Miss Lida Clark, Mrs. Thos. Hill, Miss Eva Parker, Mr. J. A Hillyer, Mrs. J. A. Hillyer

Block 7A: Mr. Jas. Watson, Mrs. Lillie Bestman, Mr. J. Schlecht, Mr. Will Watson, Mrs. J. Schlecht, Mrs. E. Watson, Julia Watson, Mr. Frank Bestman, May Watson, Clara Watson

Block 7B: John Colfax, Mrs. W. E. Chapman, Mrs. J. Long, Mrs. A. H. Snyder, Mrs. John Colfax, Mrs. A. H. Snyder, Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Paul Davey, Mrs. M. Ennis, Fannie Brown

Block 7C: Sterling Terry, Ella Clark, Fred Terry, Sargeant Moore, Jennie Terry, Maggie Manley, Gertie Terry, Minnie Leiss, Peter Shaffer, Carrie Ball

Block 7D: Mr. H. C. Cowgill, Mr. G. P. Cunningham, Mr. Robert Moore, Mrs. E. J. Brinkerhoff, Mrs. H. C. Cowgill, Mrs. G. P. Cunningham, Mrs. Robert Moore, Mr. W. E. Brinkerhoff, Mrs. J. E. Lang, Mr. J. E. Lang

Block 7E: Mrs. M. Park, Mrs. Frank Naughton, Mrs. S. P. Jones, Mrs. V. A. Wallace, Mrs. Fabyan, Mrs. Frank Naughton, Mr. S. P. Jones, Mr. V. A. Wallace, Mrs. Bert Wolcot, Mrs. J. P. Betts

Block 7F: Mr. J. Logan, Mrs. A. R. Van Gieson, Mrs. F. D. Porter, Mollie Thornton, Mr. F. D. Porer, Mrs. A. R. Van Gieson, Mrs. J. Logan, Mrs. J. M. Thornton, Mrs. N. E. Motley, Mr. J. Beach

Block 8A: Mrs. W. S. Sewall, Mrs. Henry Garland, Mrs. J. Prather, Mrs. J. L. James, Mrs. P. Murphy, Mrs. T. F. Bathurst, Mrs. Kilgore, Mrs. L. W. Divelbiss, Mrs. Geo. Webster, Mrs. Ed. O'Donnell

Block 8B: Eva Gilbert, Sue Muratta, Blanch Chase, Emma Johns, Kate Parkell, James Murratta, Mary Denny, Dr. Everett Merwin, Mrytle Thomas, Lizzie Thomas

Block 8C: Frank McCrillis, Bethine A. McCrillis, Carrie McCrillis, W. L. Burlingame, W. S. Shaffer, Rose B. Burlingame, Leila Shaffer, John D. McCrillis, Kate H. Tuttle, T. B. Tuttle

Block 8D: P. J. Betts, Emily Newell, Stella Conard, James Newell, Bessie Parker, Florence Fabyan, Rosine Deutsch, Anna Brinkerhoff, Leigh Hodges, Sybil Hodges

Block 8E: Bertha Leidy, Louise Wilson, Julia Wittich, Cora Brinkerhoff, Due Baker, Newell Holbrook, Jessie Caffee, Frank Matthews, Mabel Snyder, Anna Burch

Block 8F: Mr. F. H. Fitch, Mrs. W. S. Bower, Dr. C. B. Hussey, Mr. Issac Parker, Mr. F. H. Fitch, Mrs. L. L. Wittich, Mrs. C. B. Hussey, Mrs. Issac Parker, Mrs. S. Berry, Mr. S. Berry

Top Border (left to right): Jamie Pool, Mabel Kinsella, Lela Kinsella, Julia Miller, Mable Pool, Fred Rhoades, Nina Rhoades, Ethel Orr, Wilber Orr, Edwin White, Louise McCarthy, Earl Hackney, Elwin Turner, Agnes Turner, Elred Turner, Deyll Turner, Mary Eldred, Le Hung Chung, Ben Harrison, Fredrica Magee, Willie Tull, Forence Glidden, Lora Bowman, Flossie Bowman, Nellie Bowman, Mary Dean, Leila Niles, Madeline Niles, Ella Yarco, Margaret Gould, Herman Thym, Ruth Thomas, Donald James, Ruth Majors, Ruth Thomas, Helen Thomas, Dixon Harrison, Homer Darow, Julian Williams, Alpha Allen, Charley Allen, Earnest Allen, Lela Allen, Rochester Maiden, Frank Maiden, Agnes Luscombe, Carl Luscombe, Harold Bestman, Clarice Bestman, Julia Mitchell, Olive Payne

Right Border (top to bottom): Claude Taylor, May Taylor, Katie Terry, Helen Terry, Marguerite Chaffee, Pansy Clifton, Crete Clifton, Harold Hawkins, Fred Hawkins, James Hawkins, Ralph Roessler, Fred McConnell, Brice McMillan, Fay Tuttle, John McCrillis, Frank McCrillis, Carl McCrillis, Hazel McCrillis, Arthur McCrillis, Ralph Galloway, Gladys Galloway, Ethel Whitney, Ruth Whitney, Paul Wells, Marian Wells, Etta Burch, Julius Goldstein, Jay Goldstein, Lilly Goldstein, Ruth Goldstein, Marguerita Goldstein, Arthur Weil, Lydia Weil, Regina Weil, Olga Weil, Philip Hardman, Susie Hardman, Harmon Cornell, Sabra Cornell, Helen Cornell, Ella Cornell, George Friend, Elwin Brinkerhoff, Edith Brinkerhoff, Margretta Newell, Juila Newell, Ella Newell, Creila B. Jones, Eleanor Heill, Mary Wetzel, Basil Boykin, Irene Porter, Willard Hobbs, Franklin Greenwood, Clark O'Donnell, Allene Shaffer, Emma Kelley, George Kelley, Thos. Bathurst, Donald James

Bottom Border (right to left): Harold Hunter, Maud Clark, Laura Clark, Ella Myers, Coella Myers, Rosco Myers, Fred Cowgill, Maria Hubb, Carl Hubb, Ernestine Jacobs, Hazel Messenger, Margaret Messenger, Orwan Messenger, Brand Bartlett, Julia McElroy, Elsie McElroy, James Stickney, Chauncey Stickney, Noye Garrison, Florria Knepper, Unice Knepper, Lucius Wittich, Roscoe Perkins, Fred Hussey, Lucy Hargis, Bessie Hargis, Burtis Hargis, Sarah Lenhart, Helen Lenhart, Ruth Stebbins, J. T. Wallace, Millie Peters, Nellie Warner, Marion Warner, Grace Tomlinson, Anna Gabriel, Frank Perry, Lex M. Wise, Maggie Henley, Katie Henley, Winifred Henley, Burnice Henley, Charlie White, Helen White, Winifred White, Ernest Payne, Allen Payne, Olive Payne.

Left Border (bottom to top, note names are upside down): May Clarkson, J. D. Clarkson, Walter Spencer, Adelle Gray, Ruth Chapman, Vera Chapman, Lucille Chapman, Tom Davey Jr., Imogene Davey, Henry Schlecht, Willie, Schlecht, Mena Schelcht, Paul Johnston, Flora Chaffee, Amos Caffee, Lacie Caffee, Homer C. Brown, Jefferies Miller, Charlie Miller, Francis Hout, Frances Johnson, Jennette Garland, Nellie Garland, Marguerite Dinsmore, Edgar Martin, Barnard Boykin, Edward Wardin, Jean McClurg, Maud Miller, Earl F. Miller, Kyle Pharis, Willie Pharis, Frank Friend, Lizzie Fant, Bridget Cassill, Olga Ihlseng, Ella Dean, Ethel Dean, James Logan, Frank Logan, McDaniel Logan, Ben Thorton, Ethel Deal, Geneva Corley, Robert Corley, Sybil Corley, Silvia Corley, Alberta Underwood, Albert Underwood, Herbert Wolcott, Helen Lang, Frank Biffer, Herbert Turner, Mrytle Marx, Arthur Todd, Lola Dare, Frank Dare, Etta Dare, Hunter Booth, Earl Gordon, Frankie Gordon, Julia A. Stickney, Walter Stickney, Julia Stickney, Frank Williams

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