Navy Signature Quilt 1941-42

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Pattern Names: embroidered names
Quilted By: Ladies Auxiliary, Fleet Reserve Association, Unit No. 5, Norfolk, VA
Period: 1930-1949
Date: 1941-42
Location Made: Norfolk, Virginia, Virginia, United States
Project Name: Signature Quilt Project Public Submission
QI Contributor: Signature Quilt Pilot Project
Submitted by: Karen Biedler Alexander
Layout Format: Block pattern
Quilt Size: 66.5 onches or 168.9 centimetrs x 90 inches or 228.6 centimeters
Fabrics: Cotton
Colors: Beige or Tan, Blue or Navy, Gold
Description: A Fund Raising Quilt for Ladies Auxiliary, Fleet Reserve Association, Unit No. 5, Norfolk, VA, 1941-42 consisting of 35 blocks and over 400 names.
Other Notes: I posted a short story about the quilt on Rootsweb genealogical website in 2001 and had about 40 responses. One person is probably the daughter of a neighbor of one of those from Gem, Indiana who signed the quilt in 1941-42. All of these emails are in my file on this quilt. Some were helpful leads. Some led me to information on the two ships mentioned on the quilt. Then research was set aside for several years.

Inscription: The names with an *asterick are in the circle at the center of the block.

I have put a question mark (?) beside those names for those which I am not quite certain of the spelling.

R1-BL1 Howard* Adele
R1-BL1 Smith Bessie
R1-BL1 Newman Elizabeth
R1-BL1 Price Hazel
R1-BL1 Glancy Jennie
R1-BL1 Millburg? Anne
R1-BL1 Pow_e(?) Marjorie
R1-BL1 Hall Lola
R1-BL1 Duffy Lillian
R1-BL1 Voeth Clothild
R1-BL1 Bond Sarah

R1-BL2 Whitmer* Margaret
R1-BL2 Jones Grace-1941
R1-BL2 Thompson Clara
R1-BL2 Thomlin Catherine
R1-BL2 A__e(?) Lennis
R1-BL2 Thompson Betty
R1-BL2 Fowler Ella
R1-BL2 Krause Pearl
R1-BL2 Phelps Laura
R1-BL2 Foster Helen
R1-BL2 Foster Jack

R1-BL3 Townsend* Blanche Laura
R1-BL3 Rubin Harry
R1-BL3 Freeman Jean
R1-BL3 Gardner Agnes
R1-BL3 Freeman Robert
R1-BL3 Wilson Ann
R1-BL3 Gardner Jessie Indianapolis, Ind.
R1-BL3 Hale Mrs. Irvin
R1-BL3 Heilbereger Christine
R1-BL3 Harrell Mabel
R1-BL3 Reynolds Walter E.
R1-BL3 Woods J. T. Chief of Police, Norfolk, Va.
R1-BL3 DeMilt Margaret Brooklyn, NY
R1-BL3 Townsend Mrs. J. R.
R1-BL3 DeMilt Sr. Milton Brookly, NY
R1-BL3 Killiem? Ruby Detroit, Mich.
R1-BL3 De Mitt Jr. Milton Brookly, NY
R1-BL3 Flemming Christine Washington, D.C.
R1-BL3 Hall Josephine
R1-BL3 Kirch Nellie

R1-BL4 Reynolds* Renie Josephine
R1-BL4 Reynolds Teddy
R1-BL4 Reynolds Malcolm
R1-BL4 Reynolds Rose
R1-BL4 Reynolds Robert
R1-BL4 Reynolds Alice
R1-BL4 Reynolds Lewis
R1-BL4 Reynolds Pearl
R1-BL4 Reynolds Ruth
R1-BL4 Reynolds Harry
R1-BL4 Reynolds Minnie

R1-BL5 Diani* Julia
R1-BL5 Harris Patricia
R1-BL5 Long Doris
R1-BL5 Long Mrs. J. L.
R1-BL5 Beamon Mr.
R1-BL5 Ellen Mary
R1-BL5 Morgan M.
R1-BL5 Carty Mary
R1-BL5 Barber Jane
R1-BL5 Warrington Bruce

R2-BL1 Slaughter* Elsie
R2-BL1 Miskell Ella
R2-BL1 Slaughter Norma
R2-BL1 Smithwick(?) Martha
R2-BL1 Smithwich(?) Jo---n?
R2-BL1 Holland Eric
R2-BL1 Holland Bertha
R2-BL1 Jackson Diana
R2-BL1 Smith Mable
R2-BL1 Gilderlure(?) Catherine
R2-BL1 Smith Tommie

R2-BL2 Whitmer* Margaret
R2-BL2 Wynn B. J.
R2-BL2 Goldstein M.
R2-BL2 Whitmer C. F.
R2-BL2 Fowler L. F.
R2-BL2 Massey T. A.
R2-BL2 Thomas N. A.
R2-BL2 Richards Lulu
R2-BL2 Wynn Grace
R2-BL2 Rinnsburg(?) J. H.
R2-BL2 Driveena? C. B.

R2-BL3 Townsend* Blanche Laura
R2-BL3 Wilson Katherine
R2-BL3 Lang Catherine
R2-BL3 Land Francis
R2-BL3 Lang Winkie
R2-BL3 Morhan Clara
R2-BL3 Williams Ellen
R2-BL3 Portlock Josephine
R2-BL3 Chippendale W. H.
R2-BL3 Townsend Peggy Bear
R2-BL3 Strecter? Roy
R2-BL3 Wilson John
R2-BL3 Ballard John R.
R2-BL3 Townsend Honey Rose
R2-BL3 Rattie Lila P.
R2-BL3 Whitmer Charles F. Phoebus, Va.

R2-BL4 Seager* Anne Lou
R2-BL4 Lufsey Elizabeth
R2-BL4 Lapetina Bernadine
R2-BL4 Lapetina, Jr. Herbert
R2-BL4 Lapetina Audrey
R2-BL4 Lapetina Herbert W.
R2-BL4 Lapetina Magenta
R2-BL4 Lapetina Bernard
R2-BL4 Bell Corine
R2-BL4 Church Alice R.

R2-BL5 Diani* Julie
R2-BL5 Carty Mrs. J. J.
R2-BL5 Warrington May
R2-BL5 Warrington Edward
R2-BL5 Diani Charles
R2-BL5 Barber Mrs. C. S.
R2-BL5 Tebault Elizabeth
R2-BL5 Tebault Dian
R2-BL5 Blow H. L.
R2-BL5 Blow Mrs. H. L.

R3-BL1 Kearny* Helen Lucretia
R3-BL1 Kuhns Jean
R3-BL1 Fehnel Amandus
R3-BL1 Kearny Ed
R3-BL1 Haney Lillian
R3-BL1 Weisel Shirley
R3-BL1 Rice Minnie
R3-BL1 Fehnel Ray
R3-BL1 Guth Edna
R3-BL1 Huhns Harry
R3-BL1 Fluck Sally

R3-BL2 Whitmer* Margaret
R3-BL2 Haesloop(?) Lily
R3-BL2 Rappold Laura
R3-BL2 Smith W. S.
R3-BL2 Townsend J. R.
R3-BL2 Maury Nina Cox
R3-BL2 Mayberry L. P.
R3-BL2 Gibbs H. G.
R3-BL2 Middleton R. H.
R3-BL2 Massingil Bob
R3-BL2 Peltz Anna G.

R3-BL3 Townsend* Blanche Laura
R3-BL3 Folend, Joan Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Lawrence Shag
R3-BL3 Moore Leut. Edward F. Leut. Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Barber Cora Oertly
R3-BL3 Minatel Joe Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Barber James R.
R3-BL3 Holdren Virginia Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Stupeka Joseph
R3-BL3 Holdren Clifton Captain Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Morganson Odie
R3-BL3 Minatel Tony Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Percival W. M.
R3-BL3 Hanchett Joseph Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Gray Newton
R3-BL3 Hanchett Jennie Wrenn Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Gray Charlotte
R3-BL3 Minatel Roy Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Lawrence Fred C.
R3-BL3 Pitts J. Franklin Indianapolis, Ind.
R3-BL3 Lawrence Mary Rebbeca

R3-BL4 Seager* Anna Louella
R3-BL4 Bishop Louisa E.
R3-BL4 Seager C. Fred
R3-BL4 Moore Peggy B.
R3-BL4 Domme Freida B.
R3-BL4 Green Dorothy E.
R3-BL4 Otterbourg Leland L.
R3-BL4 Huffman Grace
R3-BL4 Huffman Chuck
R3-BL4 Bell Thelma

R3-BL5 Crouch Mabel
R3-BL5 Hinton I. D.
R3-BL5 Hagard Mike
R3-BL5 Hoffman E. L.
R3-BL5 Ford Mrs. F. H.
R3-BL5 Hinton Virginia
R3-BL5 Parke James
R3-BL5 Hinnanh Glen
R3-BL5 Davis Willian
R3-BL5 Hinnanh John
R3-BL5 Gard Thomas

R4-BL1 Lowell* Hannah
R4-BL1 Lowell Wally
R4-BL1 Hornberger Lee
R4-BL1 Gehr Mary
R4-BL1 Lowelll Ethel
R4-BL1 Dauber Stella
R4-BL1 Clark Mary
R4-BL1 Hornberger Sadie
R4-BL1 Yoke Grace
R4-BL1 Hornberger Iva
R4-BL1 Gehr Sophey

R4-BL2 Hale* Geraldine V.
R4-BL2 Hale, Jr. Irving W.
R4-BL2 Hale Irving W.
R4-BL2 Lamore? Clayton W.
R4-BL2 Green(?) Charles H.
R4-BL2 Lamore Guy M.
R4-BL2 Stewart(?) Virginia D.
R4-BL2 Abbott Crystal A.
R4-BL2 Bruce Jean
R4-BL2 Butler Elsie
R4-BL2 Richards Nellie

Ladies Auxiliary
Fleet Reserve Association.
Unit No. 5.
Norfolk Virginia.

The above words and date appear on R4-BL3 below:

R4-BL3 Townsend Blanche L. Pres.
R4-BL3 Slaughter Elsie V.P.
R4-BL3 Coutta. Elsie Ja. V.P.
R4-BL3 Thompson Josie Chap
R4-BL3 Townsend John R. Past Reg. V. P.
R4-BL3 Wagnew Millard
R4-BL3 Percival Eleanor
R4-BL3 Freeman Jean G.
R4-BL3 Freeman Robert E. Pres.
R4-BL3 West Mrs. W. D.
R4-BL3 Reynolds Harry S. Sec.
R4-BL3 Scott Maggie L.
R4-BL3 Scott Alfred M.
R4-BL3 Whitmere Margaret P. P.
R4-BL3 Urick Josephine P. P.
R4-BL3 Davis Rose
R4-BL3 Seager Anna Lou Sec. Regn. V. P.
R4-BL3 Diani Julie Treas.
R4-BL3 Sally Mabel Nat. V. P.
R4-BL3 Kerney Helen
R4-BL3 Ryenolds Renea
R4-BL3 Fiedemann Anna
R4-BL3 Hanold Anna
R4-BL3 Francese Mary Z.
R4-BL3 Lambert Anne
R4-BL3 Lambert Beverly
R4-BL3 Davis Maynard
R4-BL3 Hadley J. H.
R4-BL3 Flournoy W. E.
R4-BL3 Diani Charles

R4-BL4 Hale* Elizabeth M.
R4-BL4 Hale, Jr. Elizabeth M.
R4-BL4 Freeman Illa Pearl
R4-BL4 Hoffman Annette
R4-BL4 Cool Sarah
R4-BL4 Boyce Illa M.
R4-BL4 Wilson Mary Y.
R4-BL4 Wilson Upahur
R4-BL4 Wagner Edith M.
R4-BL4 Hale Barbara C.
R4-BL4 Black June N.

R4-BL5 Percival* Eleanor
R4-BL5 Howard Adela
R4-BL5 Frawley William
R4-BL5 Percival Nina
R4-BL5 Conley Therese
R4-BL5 Percival Wilbur J.
R4-BL5 Flynn Louise
R4-BL5 Percivil Francis
R4-BL5 Conley Margaret
R4-BL5 Percival Wilbur M.

R5-BL1 Lambert* Annie
R5-BL1 Sullivan Mike
R5-BL1 Taylor Alvin Alvin
R5-BL1 Lambert Howard A.
R5-BL1 Smith Pearl
R5-BL1 Odonnell Dick
R5-BL1 Gardner Virginia
R5-BL1 Bear Robert
R5-BL1 Wright Catherine
R5-BL1 Vecender Eddie

R5-BL2 Gossman* Annie
R5-BL2 Wilson John
R5-BL2 Miller Harold
R5-BL2 Grimsley Laura
R5-BL2 Hadden Analow/Onalow(?)
R5-BL2 Grimsley Myrtie/Myrtice(?)
R5-BL2 Smith Russell
R5-BL2 Lester Maude
R5-BL2 Grimsley Henry
R5-BL2 Suddith Virginia

R5-BL3 Townsend* Blanche Laura
R5-BL3 Boyle Hazel Rossville, Ill.
R5-BL3 Baughman Viola
R5-BL3 Willman Herbert Greenfield, Ind.
R5-BL3 Oertly Nettie
R5-BL3 Willman Ruth Greenfield, Ind.
R5-BL3 Weiss Nettie
R5-BL3 Willman Robert Greenfield, Ind.
R5-BL3 Townsend Bud
R5-BL3 Willman Estelle Gem, Ind.
R5-BL3 Breitenbach H. C.
R5-BL3 Willman Theodora Gem, Ind.
R5-BL3 Breitenbach Ruby
R5-BL3 Spilker Nannie Gem, Ind.
R5-BL3 Townsend Eldena
R5-BL3 Boyle Phyllis Rossville, Ill.
R5-BL3 Overburg Dorothy
R5-BL3 Boyle Charles Rossville, Ill.
R5-BL3 Overburg Lawrence
R5-BL3 Boyle Henderdon Rossville, Ill.
R5-BL3 Townsend J. R.

R5-BL4 Urick* Josephine
R5-BL4 Ross Violet
R5-BL4 Urick Llewellyn
R5-BL4 Miars(?) Miriam
R5-BL4 Elliott Della
R5-BL4 Murphy Margaret
R5-BL4 Jones Dorothy
R5-BL4 Lawler Nora
R5-BL4 Preuitt Eva
R5-BL4 Urick Josephine
R5-BL4 Lawler Nora (yes, name appears twice)

R5-BL5 Wright* Louise
R5-BL5 Subratudt(?) Johanna F.
R5-BL5 Barnes Lolita A.
R5-BL5 Wright, Jr. Willard S.
R5-BL5 Long J. Clifford
R5-BL5 Oliver Eva M.
R5-BL5 Clayton Elsie H.
R5-BL5 Suhratudt Mae
R5-BL5 Wright, Sr. Willard S.
R5-BL5 Clayton Nellie
R5-BL5 Lowry Jo Clifford

R6-BL1 Coleman* Nellye
R6-BL1 Nimmo Ella
R6-BL1 Ward Ernestine
R6-BL1 Ward Mildred
R6-BL1 Coleman Tom W.
R6-BL1 Coleman Priscilla
R6-BL1 Coleman Walter
R6-BL1 Coleman Louise
R6-BL1 Ealy Lula
R6-BL1 Tompkins Jennie
R6-BL1 Nimmo Margaret

R6-BL2 Gossman* Annie
R6-BL2 Gossman N. W.
R6-BL2 Martin Bell
R6-BL2 Wright Foy
R6-BL2 Woods Ruth
R6-BL2 Gaston Ada
R6-BL2 Wilson Bell
R6-BL2 Gibson Nick
R6-BL2 Lance Alva
R6-BL2 Graham A. G.
R6-BL2 Lester G. K.

R6-BL3 Karp* Benjamin
R6-BL3 Karp* Freada
R6-BL3 Oconnor Maurice
R6-BL3 Glover Mary Maud
R6-BL3 Tiedemenn Anne
R6-BL3 Jordon Jennie
R6-BL3 Hebert George
R6-BL3 Windslow Mabel
R6-BL3 Lamb William T. Long Becah, Cal.
R6-BL3 McKiblen Inice
R6-BL3 Rives Dexter
R6-BL3 Borum Milton L.
R6-BL3 Collins John E.
R6-BL3 Story Maud
R6-BL3 Rattie John A.
R6-BL3 Story Ollie
R6-BL3 Dyson George P.
R6-BL3 Oconnor May
R6-BL3 Hanlove(?) Sadie

R6-BL4 Urick* Josephine
R6-BL4 Klemm Mrs.
R6-BL4 Urick Josephine
R6-BL4 Julian Ann
R6-BL4 Urick Rose Mary
R6-BL4 Redell Nickey
R6-BL4 Bushmith Ann
R6-BL4 Urick Hyacienth
R6-BL4 Wood Jack
R6-BL4 O'Brien Betty
R6-BL4 White Augusta

R6-BL5 Martin* Nancy Martha
R6-BL5 Sansona(?) Maria
R6-BL5 Taylor Kay
R6-BL5 Underdown Lottie
R6-BL5 Carter Winnie
R6-BL5 Ryols Mildred
R6-BL5 Grosender(?) Annie
R6-BL5 Watson Cecil
R6-BL5 Jones Mamie
R6-BL5 Lewis Margaret
R6-BL5 Martin Shirley

R7-BL1 Hanold* Anna Victoria
R7-BL1 Genghan(?) Anne
R7-BL1 Faulkner Cora
R7-BL1 Green Agnes
R7-BL1 Carlson Esther
R7-BL1 Staff Selma
R7-BL1 Gr_nol(?) Emma
R7-BL1 Bonnwell Alphonso?
R7-BL1 Burris Adele
R7-BL1 Witcher Jane
R7-BL1 Ott Emma

R7-BL2 Lick* Clara Vandalia
R7-BL2 McGown(?) Alton
R7-BL2 Worrell Clyde
R7-BL2 Lick Frank
R7-BL2 McGowan(?) Elizabeth
R7-BL2 Sadler Lloyd
R7-BL2 Manning Daisy
R7-BL2 Trimble Porter A.
R7-BL2 Corbelt Charles
R7-BL2 Trimble Glayds
R7-BL2 Bible Ruth A.

R7-BL3 Reynolds* Alice
R7-BL3 U.S.S. Mayrant
R7-BL3 LaGuardia Firello Mayor New York
R7-BL3 My Johnnie
R7-BL3 DeMilt Clayton H or W(?)
R7-BL3 Burrough Horace
R7-BL3 Naval Hospital New York
R7-BL3 Johnny the Great
R7-BL3 DeMilt Ella Clark
R7-BL3 U.S.S. Naval Academy
R7-BL3 U.S.S. McCawley
R7-BL3 DeMilt Wallingford

R7-BL4 Urick Josephine
R7-BL4 Lawler Nora
R7-BL4 Urick Milton
R7-BL4 Gibbs Grace
R7-BL4 Hillman Nan
R7-BL4 Barkley Rose
R7-BL4 Urick Milton
R7-BL4 Elliot Della
R7-BL4 Kenyon Cora
R7-BL4 Urick Josephine
R7-BL4 Florence Sara

R7-BL5 Thompson* Jose Louise
R7-BL5 Growell Linda
R7-BL5 Williams Johanna
R7-BL5 Clark Lucy
R7-BL5 Williams Bill
R7-BL5 Williams Hazel
R7-BL5 Clark Minnie
R7-BL5 Thompson Esther
R7-BL5 Malbow Kilby
R7-BL5 Williamson Lillie
R7-BL5 Thompson Tom

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