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Tens of thousands of different pattern names appear in the Quilt Index! We've pulled out more than 200 of the most common ones and their variations in the browsing links below. We used Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, first edition, as the main pattern name reference. Note that the link will also find spelling, spacing and punctuation variations such as "yoyo", "yo-yo", and "yo yo". "Var." means that the link will find the listed variations of the pattern name beyond variations of spelling, spacing and punctuation. Click on the links to view records with these pattern names entered.
Acorn Morning Star
Airplane (var. aeroplane, airship, aircraft) Mosaic
Album Necktie
Attic Window New York Beauty
Autograph Nine Patch
Bachelor's Puzzle Nosegay
Baltimore Album Oak Leaf
Barn Raising Octagon
Basket Ohio Rose (var. tree)
Bear's Paw (var. claw, foot, tracks) Ohio Star (var. whirly gig)
Big Dipper Old Maid's Puzzle (var. ramble, fancy, patience)
Blazing Star (var. blazing sun, splendor) One Patch
Block Orange Peel
Bow Tie Orchid
Broderie Perse Pansy
Broken Dishes Peony (var. piney)
Butterfly Periwinkle
Cactus Philadelphia Pavement (var. patch, beauty)
Cake Stand Pickle Dish (var. pickel dish)
Calamanco Pictorial
Capital T Pineapple
Carolina Lily (var. rose, tulip) Pine Tree
Carpenter's Wheel (var. square, star) Pinwheel
Cathedral Window (var. cathedral glass, church window) Poinsettia
Centennial Pomegranate (var. love apple)
Century of Progress Poppy
Charm Postage Stamp (var. square)
Cherry Basket (var. cherry clusters, berry basket, fruit basket) Prairie Star
Chevron Princess Feather (var. princess plume, prince's feather)
Chimney Sweep (var. chimney block) Puritan Star
Chips & Whetstones Puss in the Corner
Chrysanthemum Pyramids
Churn Dash (var. churn fly) Rail Fence
Clamshell Railroad Crossing
Clay's Choice Rainbow
Cockscomb Redwork
Compass Rising Sun
Corn and Beans (var. corn crib) Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Courthouse Square Rocky Mountain
Crazy Quilt Rocky Road to California
Cross Stitch Rocky Road to Kansas
Crown of Thorns Rolling Star
Dahlia Rolling Stone
Daisy Roman Stripe (var. way, zig zag)
Delectable Mountain Rose of Sharon
Devil's Claws (var. footprints, puzzle, crossroads) Rose
Diamond Field Rosebud
Dogwood Sailboat
Dolly Madison's Star (var. Dolly Madison's workbox, workshop) Sage Bud (var. sage bird)
Double Irish Chain (var. ring, rose) Sampler
Double T Savannah Beautiful Star
Double Wedding Ring Sawtooth
Double X Schoolhouse
Dove in the Window (var. dove of peace) Scrap Quilt
Dresden Plate (var. platter, saucer, star, rose) Seven Sisters
Drunkard's Path (var. trail, road, walk) Signature Quilt
Duck and Ducklings (var. goose and goslings) Shoo Fly
Dutch Girl (var. dutch doll) Sister's Choice
Dutchman's Puzzle (var. wheel, breeches) Six Pointed Star
Economy Snail's Trail
Eight Pointed Star Snowball
Fan Snowflake
Feathered Star Spider Web (var. spider den)
Flower Basket Spool
Flower Garden Square in a Square
Flower Pot Star of Bethlehem (var. star of: the east, David, the Magi, the milky way)
Flowering Almond Steps to the Altar
Flying Geese (var. flock of geese, flying birds, flying mallards) Storm at Sea
Flying Swallow Strawberry
Fool's Puzzle Streak of Lightning
Four Patch String Quilt
Fox and Geese Strip Quilt
Friendship Sugar Loaf
Goose in the Pond Sunbonnet Sue
Goose Tracks Sunburst
Grandmother's Fan Sunflower
Grandmother's Flower Garden Sunshine and Shadow
Handy Andy (var. overall bill, sam, andy) Swastika
Hawaiian Flag Texas Star
Hearts & Gizzards (var. & darts, & pomegranates) Thousand Pyramids (var. thousand triangles)
Hen and Chicks Thrifty
Hexagon Tiger Lily
Hit or Miss (var. hit and miss) Tree of Life
Hole in the Barn Door Tree of Paradise
Honeycomb Triangles
Hour Glass Trip Around the World
Improved Nine Patch Triple Irish Chain
Irish Chain Tulip
Jacob's Ladder Tumbling Blocks (var. diamonds, hexagon, star)
Joseph's Coat (var. coat of many colors) Turkey Tracks (var. turkey trot)
Kaleidoscope Ulu (Breadfruit)
Kansas Star Variable Star
Kansas Sunflower Virginia Reel
Kansas Troubles Virginia Star
Lady of the Lake Wagon Wheel
Laurel Wreath Wandering Foot
LeMoyne Star Washington Sidewalk
Lincoln's Platform Water Lily
Liliuokalani's Fans and Kahilis Weathervane
Log Cabin (var. straight furrow, sunshine and shadow) Wedding Ring
Lone Star Wheel of Fortune (var. chance, life, mystery, time)
Lover's Knot (var. lover's chain, true lover's knot) Whig Rose (var. Democrat, Roosevelt rose)
Maltese Cross Whig's Defeat
Maple Leaf White House Steps
Mariner's Compass (var. mariner's star) Whitework
Martha Washington's Flower Garden Wholecloth
Mayflower Wild Goose Chase (var. wild geese)
Medallion Windmill
Melon Patch World's Fair
Milky Way Yankee Puzzle (var. yankee charm, doodle, star)
Missouri Daisy (var. dahlia, rose, sunflower, belle) Young Man's Fancy (var. gentleman's fancy)
Mist of Kaala Yo Yo
Monkey Wrench Zig-Zag
Morning Glory