Quilt Makers Back On Job

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Quilt Makers Back On Job
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Letters from Quilt Club Corner members discussing their current projects.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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  • Newspaper clipping
Detroit News History Project
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(Concluded From Preceding Page) lady out with her quilt and will send in a few hints, I will be glad to mail them to her. I HAVE signed the membership card for the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club and feel quite proud to be among the ladies even though I am not in Detroit. My heart and thoughts are back there as that has been my home for a good many years and perhaps someday I will be back again. I always get the Detroit News and enjoy my home paper; also have nearly all of the quilt patterns published by your department. Am working on the Double Wedding Ring, also the Dresden Plate and enjoy making patchwork, as every quilt I piece is done by hand. My grandmother taught me when I was a little girl and would not allow it done any way but by hand and I have never forgotten her teaching and I am in my fifties now. Hope all members will enjoy the quilt patterns as well as I do. Am happy and contented when I have a box full of pretty pieces and (word unclear) evenings. This letter may interest others who would like to start making lovely quilts from the News patterns. Wishing all good luck and better times, I am, MRS. V. M. L. This is not Mrs. L.’s first printed letter and it is always a pleasure to hear from her. Those wanting to begin to make will not wait much longer when they see what a source of contentment they are to Mrs. L. One never stops with making a single quilt; for once the work is started it is too much fun to give up and this is the way life-long quilt makers are started. PLEASE enter my name in your Quilt Club as I am very much interested in that line of work. I have two Flower Garden and the Dresden Plate quilts ready to quilt. I enjoy reading the letters from the Club members. MRS. G. L. S. Wish you would write and tell us what color you used for putting your Flower Garden quilts together and what you used for the bowls. Thank you for writing. I CANNOT tell you what a lot of pleasure I get from the patterns from the Beauty in the Home Department. I am still working on my Flower Garden quilt and also the Horoscope pattern. I don’t have the time that I wish I had but always look forward with pleasure to the afternoon or evening that I can work on my quilts. MRS. A. T. Like to get letters like that, Mrs. T. and wish you would write often to the Quilt Club Corner. I HAVE nearly all the quilt patterns that have been published in the News. Have the Dresden Plate quilt finished and like it so much. Kindly enroll me in the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club. MRS. A. M. W. With all of those patterns you will never lack for something to do, for all you require is a pattern and a scrap bag and there you have the foundation of a new bed covering.


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