Beauty in the Home

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Beauty in the Home
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Contains letters from readers requesting advice for their projects, an advertisement for a leaflet with the newest block pattern in the Horoscope quilt series, and a leaflet to order The Detroit News Wonder Package of over 800 transfer patterns.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
  • Pattern
  • Newspaper clipping
Detroit News History Project
Contact MSU Museum.
  • Block pattern
Interior decoration

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Horoscope Quilt Pattern No. 11 YOU have two weeks time to join the four squares with the nine-patch corners and the rectangular blue and white pieces, and now you are, no doubt, waiting for the fifth block of the Horoscope quilt, which is pattern No. 11, and it is ready and waiting for you. Do not wait long before sending for it, but just mail your request right away for it to the Beauty in the Home Department. The Detroit News, enclosing with it a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you prefer, you may call for this leaflet at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in either the Majestic Building where it will be given you free of charge. (continued from cut off clipping)…match it at the opposite side also to preserve balance. The upper part of the walls might be treated with a scenic paper in fawn, beige, soft green and a touch of red and yellow. The floor covering might be an all over patterned rug in dull red with a touch of yellow, green and black and for the hangings deep red velvet to match the red in the floor covering would be rich and attractive. These may be very simply made, either floor or apron length and put up with a very plain valance of the same material. The glass curtains might be of a heavy weight ecru voile finished with hems and made to reach to the sill and the covering for the easy chair might be in dull blue or green and gold and a sofa in green leather would be a welcome addition to a scheme such as this. The lamps should, of course, be very simple, the shades lending a soft amber glow and one should not overlook the selection of a generous sized desk for the library or library section of the living room. Window Treatment I have a dark blue and taupe living room suite consisting of three pieces. The rug is a lighter blue with much lighter blue, beige, red and black figures. How can I decorate three windows facing north that are French windows with a small window over them that are stationary? How can I decorate the little French door or window at each side of mantel? How can I decorate French doors between living room and bedroom? I have blue figured curtains in bedroom and a Burgandy red rug with beige, blue and black figures. This rug cannot be replaced. MRS. S. Light ecru gauze would be a very good choice for the glass curtains in your living room and they may be put up on rods top and bottom on all doors and windows, including the transoms, this also to include the small windows at the sides of the fireplace. For the over-draperies there may be a fine two-tone blue striped material such as it suggested for slip covers. These may be finished floor length, lined with ecru sateen and bound with deep red chintz. The fireplace windows do not require over-draperies. The doors between the living room and dining room may be treated with the same material as suggested for the glass curtains, but hung from the first bar from the top, instead of covering the glass entirely. If you wish, these last mentioned doors may have curtains of light weight ecru taffeta (as near as possible to the tint of the gauze) instead of the latter. In this case, there may be Cluny lace trimming at top, bottom and sides, the top being caught over the rod with ivory rings and the bottom edges caught at the corners to prevent catching when the door is swung. Color for Furniture I am desirous of redecorating my chairs and table and would like your assistance. Also please suggest colors for curtains. The kitchen is eleven by twelve feet; on the west side of the street, in back part of the house, with two full-sized windows on the south wall cupboard on the west; wal sink in east wall; store and white refrigerator on north wall. Wall is painted cream, woodwork and cupboard lettuce green, stove two shades of beige and green and inlaid linoleum brick and tile red with squares of tan. MRS. H. S. The chairs and table in your kitchen may be finished in red to match the predominating tone in the floor covering and trim them with just a touch of black. The glass curtains may be of white marquisette finished with ruffles and caught back with ruffled bands and there may be simple straight hanging overdraperies of light green ground chintz or percale in which red to match that in the furniture predominates and these draperies may be bound with plain percale to match. Put them up with a simple straight hanging valance. These may be laundered very easily and will add much to the attractiveness of the kitchen. The Detroit News, Beauty in the Home Department. Enclosed please fnid 75c for which I wish you would send me THE DETROIT NEWS WONDER PACKAGE of over 800 transfer patterns. Name........................................... Street and Number.............................. City................State...................... If you prefer to call for this at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building, the General Motors Building, or the Main Office, Second and Lafayette, the price will be but 68 cents. Please do not send coin in letters. On account of customs regulations, Canadian orders cannot be accepted.


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