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Quilt Club Corner
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Letters from Quilt Club Corner members, an advertisement for a leaflet containing the eleventh quilt block pattern in the Horoscope quilt series, and a leaflet to send for The Detroit News Wonder Package which contains over 800 transfer patterns.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Detroit News History Project
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The Detroit News, Beauty in the Home Department. Enclosed please find 75c for which I wish you would send me THE DETROIT NEWS WONDER PACKAGE of over 800 transfer patterns. Name.............................................. Street and Number................................. City.................... State.................... If you prefer to call for this at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building, the General Motors Building, or the Main Office, Second and Lafayette, the price will be but 68 cents. Please do not send coin in letters. On account of customs regulations, Canadian orders cannot be accepted. Horoscope Quilt Pattern No. 11 YOU have two weeks time to join the four squares with the nine-patch corners and the rectangular blue and white pieces, and now you are, no doubt, waiting for the fifth block of the Horoscope quilt, which is pattern No. 11, and it is ready and waiting for you. Do not wait long before sending for it, but just mail your request right away for it to the Beauty in the Home Department. The Detroit News, enclosing with it a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you prefer, you may call for this leaflet at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in either the Majestic Building where it will be given you free of charge. Quilt Club Corner WHAT an interesting corner is the Quilt Club. I am making my very first quilt, a Dresden Plate, and it is so pretty. I am not sure just how to put the edge on, whether to bind the scallops or to sew them solidly on a strip. I would appreciate any information you could give me on this. I got the pattern from a friend. I am interested in having the Horoscope quilt patterns right from the first one. You have so many beautiful patterns that I am wondering how I am ever going to piece all of them. What a busy lady Mrs. J. L. D. must be to have made 25 quilts and how proud she must be of all of them. Here’s wishing the Quilt Club Corner and all of its members all that is good for this New Year. MRS. R. H. R. The Dresden Plate is very attractive if the scallops are bound instead of sewing them on a strop to give the edge a straight finish. You will like the Horoscope patterns, I am sure, and hope that you will be able to catch up with the other quilt-makers who have had several weeks time to work on this pattern. Do try to write again to the Corner, please. IN READING over the Quilt Club Corner tonight I noticed that Mrs. C. L. A. sent Mrs. Fisher three ways to quilt her Double Wedding Ring. I, too, would like those patterns if the lady would be kind enough and it would not be putting her to too much trouble to let me have them. I am just like she is—starting my first quilting alone and I don’t know how to go at it. I wrote to Miss Morton, myself, for her pattern for the Dresden Plate a few days before Christmas and have not heard from her yet. I dare say she has been busy during the holidays and not had time yet. I dare say she has been busy during the holidays and not had time yet. Will be looking for her answer for another week before I give up. Then I will try to get Mrs. J. L. D.’s pattern for the Dresden Plate. I missed the Quilt Club Corner during the holidays and was so disappointed, as I thought it had been dropped out of the column. Glad it is back to business again as I get lots of ideas from it. I am anxious to see all of those beautiful quilts on display and can hardly wait for the time to come. MRS. R. L. Mrs. Fisher will, I am sure, if she reads your letter, be delighted to pass on one or more of the quilting patterns and she is a very steady reader of the column, so you will probably hear from her very soon. Miss Morton probably has been very busy during the holidays and perhaps you will hear from her soon. Oh, no indeed, the Quilt Club Corner was not dropped, just left out a few nights because there was so little space to be used for the column during the holidays. Glad to know that you are so interested in it. HAVE at last been able to start my Horoscope quilt and the more I do the better I like it. I am using a deep yellow instead of blue as I have two blue quilts now. The lettering is in black. I think it is going to make a very pretty quilt. Is the Flying Clouds one of your patterns? If so, how can I get it? MRS. G. L. Your quilt must be unusually attractive and very different. One will think of the sun instead of the sky when she looks at it and it should be a very cheery scheme for a spread. Yes, the Flying Clouds is a pattern from this department and if you will mention it the next time you send for a pattern, I will be glad to include it in the envelope. You had already asked for three today and that is the largest number that can be sent in one envelope so I will have to ask you to wait until next time. I WOULD like to make a quilt with a simple or easy pattern as this will be my first. I read your column and everyone seems so interested I would like to know how I can get started too. MRS. R. H. Y. I am sending you the Dresden Plate, Double Wedding Ring and Four-Leaf-Clover patterns for they are simple to do and very attractive. The first two take so many small scraps that they are economical, too; and that is something to be said if one is experimenting. Do let us know how you like quiltmaking. I AM an ardent admirer of pretty quilts so I have finished piecing and quilting the Double Wedding Ring pattern. It is set together with orchid and is the first quilt I ever completed alone. I am enclosing the entry blank for membership in the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club. MRS. R. McM. Well, you have a quilt already for the contest and how very lovely it must be with the orchid predominating. Thank you for writing and sending in your blank and do write again; for the members are all interested in these letters. I HAVE been unable to take The News for some months and now that I have that pleasure again I am much interested in your Quilt Club. I recently read in your column a letter in which reference was made to the Double Wedding Ring pattern. Did The News have such a leaflet? I would be very grateful for a copy of it if there are any left, as I have long wanted a quilt in this design. I have made several lovely tops this winter, among them being a Dresden Plate and a Flower Garden quilt. I would like to enter one in your contest, but unfortunately can…(clipping cut off)


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