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Quilt Club Corner
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Letters from Quilt Club Corner members, an advertisement for a leaflet containing the eleventh quilt block pattern in the Horoscope quilt series, and a leaflet to send for The Detroit News Wonder Package which contains over 800 transfer patterns.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Detroit News History Project
Contact MSU Museum.
  • Block pattern

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Horoscope Quilt Pattern No. 11 YOU have two weeks time to join the four squares with the nine-patch corners and the rectangular blue and white pieces, and now you are, no doubt, waiting for the fifth block of the Horoscope quilt, which is pattern No. 11, and it is ready and waiting for you. Do not wait long before sending for it, but just mail your request right away for it to the Beauty in the Home Department. The Detroit News, enclosing with it a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you prefer, you may call for this leaflet at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in either the Majestic Building where it will be given you free of charge. Quilt Club Corner THIS is my second letter to you, having had a delightful surprise to see my first one printed in the paper. I am still enjoying reading all the letters from the other members. I want you to know I received a letter just before Christmas from another member of Portland, Mich. You, no doubt, will recognize the initials (Mrs. V. M. L.) One of her letters appeared to yesterday’s News. I was very pleased to hear from her, and hope we will continue writing back and forth for a long time to come. I told you in my last letter I was piecing a Jacob’s Ladder quilt top. I have it all done now. I only wish I could finish it completely, but it will have to wait. It is very beautiful. I am now working on the Philadelphia Pavement. I enjoy doing this kind of work very much, as it helps me pass the long winter evenings. Wishing a Happy New Year and lots of success to you and all the members of the Quilt Club, I am, MRS. M. S. I am so happy to know that you and Mrs. V. M. L. have become acquainted through the Column and hope the friendship continues. Mrs. L . must enjoy it, also. When I make the Double Wedding Ring quilt I am going to make it in orange and light green. I saw one like that and it was beautiful. The background was unbleached muslin. MRS. W. E. M. That certainly would be a very attractive scheme for the Double Wedding Ring quilt, and am looking forward to seeing it in the contest. I WANT to wish all the Club members a Happy New Year and success. I surely enjoy Gran’s letters very much—anyway, one that she wrote about her home belong in West Los Angeles, California, because I lived on Butler avenue for nearly a year, and Gran will know where that is because it is just off Santa Monica boulevard. I came back home here last July, and how I do wish that I could be back out there this winter. I don’t blame Gran for wishing to be back there. I hope she will answer this in the Quilt Club Corner. MRS. St. D. Gran doesn't seem to miss much, so you will probably see a reply to your reference to California, and perhaps you will become friends. The members will all be pleased to have your good wishes. I ENJOY reading your Quilt Club Corner. I just can’t wait till our News comes to see how many enjoy making quilts. I have made it, and now I am making small quilts for children’s and babies’ beds. I belong to a sewing club. My mother gave away six quilts for Christmas gifts, and they were beautiful. She belongs to a sewing circle of the church which does nothing but make quilts all the year around. I would like another set of the Garden Quilt patterns. My designs are all worn through, and I cannot tract them any more. Thank you very much for your kindness. I hope we can soon bring our quilts to be shown. I went to see a lady who makes quilts, and was happy to become acquainted with someone who makes quilts, and was happy to become acquainted with someone through our Quilt Club Corner. I saw her name and address in The News, went to see her and made a new friend. A Happy New Year to all. MRS. E. K. I WOULD like to send you the patterns for the Flower Garden quilt, Mrs. E. K., but I did not find any postage in your letter, and 5c in stamps would be required to send you the 21 patterns. They will be sent to you as soon as your note enclosing the postage is received. How delightful for you to make a new friend through the Quilt Club Corner. This is getting to be quite a “meeting place” now, and I am sure you and your new friend will enjoy making quilts together. The Detroit News, Beauty in the Home Department. Enclosed please find 75c for which I wish you would send me THE DETROIT NEWS WONDER PACKAGE of over 800 transfer patterns. Name........................................... Street and Number.............................. City.....................State................. If you prefer to call for this at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building, the General Motors Building, or the Main Office, Second and Lafayette, the price will be but 68 cents. Please do not send coin in letters. On account of customs regulations, Canadian orders cannot be accepted.


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