Beauty in the Home

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Beauty in the Home
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Article discusses an interior decoration scheme, and contains letters from quilt club corner members discussing their projects, a leaflet to become a quilt club corner member, an advertisement for a leaflet with the newest block pattern in the Horoscope quilt series, and a leaflet to order The Detroit News Wonder Package of over 800 transfer patterns.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Detroit News History Project
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Interior decoration

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Many Details Necessary In Ideal Guest Room By EDITH B. CRUMB IN the accompanying illustration is shown a portion of a room which would be ideal as the guest room, for aside from the desk, small dressing table and bed, there need be no other furniture except a chest of drawers; and, one should select a desk with drawer space to the floor, no chest would be required. With a generous amount of closet space little room is required in the way of chest, of dresser drawers, and if one equips the closets with hangers, boxes, shoe trees, hat racks, etc, there is little in the guest’s trunk that cannot find a place in this tiny room off from the bedroom. Plain painted walls, which are really the most restful make, charming backgrounds for the use of contrasting colors in draperies, spread and chair coverings. Peach is a tint which is flattering for the walls and if the woodwork is finished to match, the room takes on a more spacious appearance than with woodwork in a second tint. With peach, powder blue never fails to create a pleasing scheme and this might be selected for the floor covering unless one preferred small rugs, in which case those in the hooked style would be attractive, especially if there is the predominating note of old blue. The glass curtains might be of peach cotton net, finished with a hem and three one-inch tucks one-half inch apart above this; and the over-draperies may be of French blue plain chintz, lined with peach sateen, finished floor length and caught back with bands of the blue. The furniture might be of maple and the skirt of the dressing table of French blue cotton net over peach sateen. This sounds a bit elaborate, but being of cotton it does not appear to be extravagant. The top of the table may be painted in a peach tint and covered with a beveled plate glass. For the spread, there may be blue chintz to match the draperies, edged in peach chintz pleating. A hanging book-shelf over the desk will not only make an attractive combination, but if filled with interesting books will prove a source of interest and entertainment to the guest. And one should not forget to supply blotters, ink, pens, and such accessories as will be required by the guest. Another item for this room, and an important one, is the small sewing box which should contain thimbles, thread, needles, scissors and mending cotton. Beauty in the Home Editors Please enter my name as a member of the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club. Name........................................... Street and Number………………………………………………………………………….. City................. State.................... This enrollment in the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club entitles the member to enter her quilt in the exhibit which will be held after the completion of the series of Horoscope patterns. Date of announcement will be made later. Anyone who has completed a quilt from any Detroit News pattern will be eligible to become a member and enter this contest. Quilt Club Corner. MANY thanks for the Flower Garden quilt patterns. They are lovely, indeed, and I know that I shall enjoy making many pretty things besides a quilt from them. I would like to tell Mrs. H. R. R. how I put my Dresden Plate quilt together and also the quilting of it. I set the blocks together with a green piping and put a three-inch border of same material around the edge of the quilt. In quilting I made two scalloped rings in the plate center, the first one an inch from the edge of the pieced ring and a four-inch ring in the center. The spokes in the pieced ring I quilted from the upper to lower edge diagonally and then quilted the rest of the pattern shout one-eighth inch from the edge, corners included and think I have a very pretty quilt. I hope I have made this clear. I think the idea of a neighborhood quilt club is a good one and would be glad to hear from some one in the vicinity of W. Warren avenue. MRS. L. C. DUNTON, 5044 Grant Court, Detroit, Mich. I am sure that Mrs. H. R. R. will be delighted with your idea of putting your Dresden Plate quilt together and also of quilting it. This is the second reply she has had to her request. Perhaps someone in your neighborhood will get in touch with you and help you start a little club, which I trust you will enjoy. A FEW weeks ago my father was visiting me and he admired the Flower Garden quilt so much I gave him my patterns as he uses them for wood carving. While home for the holidays he had a panel made of the small patterns and is now working on the small patterns and is now working on the large ones. He has colored each flower according to suggestions given on the leaflets. My father lives in Galt, Ontario. I intend to call as soon as possible for the Wonder Package as there may be patterns in that he can use. MRS. H. W. Thank you so much, Mrs. W. for telling us about the interesting way in which your father is using these patterns. It is the first time this idea has been brought up and I am certainly delighted to hear about it. Yes, there must be a good many patterns in the Wonder Package that your father may be able to use. THE following letter is from someone who calls herself “the youngest grandmother from the state of Texas”: -- I just wanted to write a little note to the Quilt Club Corner. I noticed where someone wanted to find out how to set a Dresden Plate quilt together, I have made five and helped start six and I never finish two alike; but the way I prefer is to use two and one-half inch strips with a block at each corner of the plate block. I used blue and pink in one, lavender and yellow in another and unbleached muslin has been used for the background. On one quilt I put yellow centers in the plate. I am an old hand at making quilts and have pieced 15 quilts in two years, besides doing club work with our church in the south. I am visiting here for the winter. Since I came five months ago I’ve put up about 150 jars of fruit and made 60 pints of jelly and pieced five quilt tops. I have also taught my daughter-in-law how to piece quilts and she is so thrilled over it! I am not a member, but I would like very much to join your club. My letter might be too long, but it is so interesting to write about quilting. MRS. J. B.C. Somebody must be very happy to have the “youngest grandmother from the state of Texas” visiting her this winter; and, no doubt, that grandmother is happy to be here. You certainly ought to be a member of the Quilt Club so be sure to fill out a membership blank and send it in the next time you write for a pattern. The readers will be interested in your letter and look forward to another one from you soon. I WANT to thank you for sending me all of the patterns for the Flower Garden quilt. I want to make this on a cream background with all-green baskets and green lining as I intend to use it for my daughter’s room. I now have a wonderful collection of quilt patterns and no place for safekeeping. How can I obtain one of the scrap books which you offered some time ago, as a place for keeping these quilt patterns? MRS. J.N. MacD. Your Garden quilt will be lovely with the green and cream scheme and should make a very charming spread for your daughter’s room. The next time you write for a pattern leaflet, just mention that you would also like a leaflet describing the making of a scrap book. You mentioned three leaflets today, so could not include it in the envelope, for only this number are allowed to be sent in a stamped envelope. I AM extremely sorry that Mrs. C.L.A. did not see my letter thanking all of the ladies for the lovely patterns they sent me. I sat right down tonight and wrote to each of them with the exception of one who wrote while I had the flu. Somehow that letter was mislaid and I do not know her name and address, so cannot write to her. I wish to extend my sincere thanks to her also, and wonder if she would make herself known so I can send her a letter, too. I have finally started my Horoscope quilt and am delighted with it. Have two blocks finished. I selected a medium blue and made to zodiac figures of white and buttonholed them to the blue block with white. The blue stars are also buttonholed to the white squares in blue. It makes a very pretty finish. When I sewed the pieces together I measured a quarter of an inch in from the edge on all sides and drew a line on the wrong side with a sharp pencil. All seams are perfectly even and the corners meet exactly. I thought perhaps that might help someone. What is this trouble that some of the members have had with the (clipping cut off) Horoscope Quilt Pattern No. 11 YOU have two weeks time to join the four squares with the nine-patch corners and the rectangular blue and white pieces, and now you are, no doubt, waiting for the fifth block of the Horoscope quilt, which is pattern No. 11, and it is ready and waiting for you. Do not wait long before sending for it, but just mail your request right away for it to the Beauty in the Home Department. The Detroit News, enclosing with it a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you prefer, you may call for this leaflet at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in either the Majestic Building where it will be given you free of charge. The Detroit News, Beauty in the Home Department. Enclosed please find 75c for which I wish you would send me THE DETROIT NEWS WONDER PACKAGE of over 800 transfer patterns. Name........................................... Street and Number.............................. City................... State.................. If you prefer to call for this at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building, the General Motors Building, or the Main Office, Second and Lafayette, the price will be but 68 cents. Please do not send coin in letters. On account of customs regulations, Canadian orders cannot be accepted.


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