Quilt Club Members Speed Up Work As Exhibition Day Draws Nearer

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Quilt Club Members Speed Up Work As Exhibition Day Draws Nearer
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Letters from Quilt Club Members discussing their current projects and friendships with other members.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Quilt Club Members Speed Up Work As Exhibition Day Draws Nearer Questions of Quilting and Joining Discussed By Old-Timers Who Know All About These Subjects By EDITH B. CRUMB NOW that the holidays are over, I can see that the quilt-makers are busily at their work (or really, it is play for them) and the letters are coming in thick and fast; but there never can be too many interesting ones, for each seems to have an individual idea and the readers are looking forward to these every evening, so be sure to write yours in—perhaps the next time you send for a leaflet. The Horoscope quilt is growing fast now and there are many delighted quilt-makers who are working on this, for on the 10th leaflet was the diagram showing how the squares are to be put together with the nine-patches and this has been a great help to those who were somewhat anxious about the setting together of the quilt. MISS L. wrote in the other day about a question regarding her grandmother’s quilt and here is an answer: I set my quilt together with sugar bags after I had removed the letters, leaving it a cream color and at the points, where the stripe join I made a pretty tint of pink and bright blue. If any more information is desired, she may write me or come and see me. I will be glad to give what assistance I can. I gave one of my quilts to my daughter for Christmas and quilted it on my lap in about six weeks. I put it together ready to quilt about the first of November and had it ready to put on the tree for Christmas. My letter was in the Quilt Club Corner November 8. Will sign my name this time and you may use it if you like. I am going after my News Wonder Package today. MRS. R.L. COLVIN. 2138 Van Dyke avenue. Thank you for being so prompt about writing your ideas for setting the quilts together, Mrs. Colvin; and hope that Miss L’s grandmother gets in touch with you. Drop a few lines to the corner to tell the readers what you intend to do with some of the patterns in the Wonder Package, please. YOUR Quilt Club is very interesting. I read it every night and enjoy it a lot as I pieced a quilt when I was only a child. It was one made of blocks etched in turkey red and we set it together with strips of red. Since then I have pieced a simple one and a pretty windmill pattern. Many thanks for the patterns and hoping for your continued success, I am, MRS. H.G.B. Thank you for your interesting note and good wishes. Would be delighted to hear from you again. Turkey red was a favorite color in the old days, wasn’t it? I HAVE not yet been able to begin my Horoscope quilt, but I have been collecting the materials and I have some lovely old blue calico, oh, so heavy! This is for the stars and it came from an old lady’s piece-bag and it was from her mother, so it must be 75 or 80 years old. You may publish my name and address if you wish. Perhaps there are other Howell-ites interested in quilts. MRS. ALDA CARROW 315 So. Walnut st. Howell, Michigan Yes, I think you will find that there is quite a little circle of quiltmakers in Howell and no doubt you will hear from some of them. Hope so. How fortunate for you to have that lovely old material. It will make your quilt much more charming than to have all new fabrics in it. I AM enclosing my entry blank for the Quilt Club. I am nearly 69 years of age and have made several quilts during the past two years, among which were the Prairie Queen, the Flower Garden and the Dresden Plate, those patterns being supplied by The Detroit News, which has been our home newspaper for more than 30 years. MRS. S. C. T. The last two years must have been very interesting ones for you if you were able to spend a good deal of time is quilt-making and you must have to finish so many. Happy to hear from you and do write again please. I AM very interested in making quilts although I am not very well, having spent about half of this year in the hospital and my husband is out of work. However, I would like to join the Club. I do not know whether you charge for your quilt patterns or not, so I thought I would ask. Have helped several friends tie off quilts but have no money to buy any just now. I would appreciate it, however, if you would send me some patterns. MRS. R. O. There is no charge for the quilt patterns, but there should be a self-addressed, stamped envelope sent to cover the postage. Three leaflets may be sent in one envelope. I will send you the Dresden Plate, the Double Wedding Ring and the Four-Leaf-Clover pattern. The first two are very inexpensive to make as they take such tiny scraps and even if you only have one piece of a kind, it may be used. Your scrap bag may yield enough material to start one of these quilts. And the background may be made of sugar sacks.


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