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Quilt Club Corner
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Letters from Quilt Club Corner members discussing their progress on current projects. There is also an advertisement for a leaflet containing the twelfth quilt block pattern in the Horoscope quilt series and a leaflet for the Detroit News Wonder Package of over 800 transfer patterns.
United States
The Detroit News
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Detroit News History Project
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The Detroit News, Beauty in the Home Department. Enclosed please find 75c for which I wish you would send me THE DETROIT NEWS WONDER PACKAGE of over 800 transfer patterns. Name.............................................. Street and Number................................. City....................State.................. If you prefer to call for this at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building, the General Motors building, or the Main Office, Second and Lafayette. Please do not send coin in letters. On account of customs regulations, Canadian orders cannot be accepted. Quilt Club Corner. I AM a daily reader of your articles in the News and have several quilts started. It takes a little longer to finish one this way but it isn’t so tiresome and the work seems easier to do. I have a lovely quilt my grandmother made in 1838, and it is still in good condition. It is of silk and velvet and a very pretty one, as each block has a lovely painted flower on it, which she painted. In the Quilt Club Corner I notice that you asked if some of the readers can give some suggestions as to the filling for these quilts and I have one to offer you. In the quilts I have completed I used my part wool blankets as a filling as find it is an economy as well as a method of prolonging their usefulness. In several I have used a single thickness and if I intend to use the quilt as a cover I use two or three thicknesses. Of course, I wash them and see that they are whole, for just being worn thin does not harm them. I hope this will help some of the quilt-makers and hope they will try this as they probably have several blankets around the house and have been wondering to what use to put them. I hope you may be able to use this little tip; and thank you for the suggestions you make, as there is nobody working at our house and I need to watch my pennies. MRS. E. L. Thank you for your suggestion, Mrs. L. I am sure the readers will be thankful to know of your success in the use of blankets for the filling of the quilt. I HOPE I am not too late to enroll as a member of your Quilt Club. I have worked six patterns of the Flower Garden and the effect is lovely. As this is my first attempt at making quilts, I rather hesitate to join your Club; but I hope to catch up with the Horoscope quilt, which is now on its 11th block. I am so delighted to make something worth while. MRS. M.J. Indeed, you are not too late to enroll in the Club and you are certainly eligible with those two quilts under way. You will surely have one finished for the contest. Horoscope Quilt Pattern No. 12 AND now for Horoscope Pattern No. 12, the characteristics for those born under the sign of Leo. Be sure to get this leaflet right away so that you can keep at work on this quilt, for now that the holidays are over there will be a different leaflet each week and it will take considerable time and patience to keep up with the rest of the quilters. If you would like to have this leaflet mailed to you, just send your request for it to the Beauty in the Home Department, The Detroit News, enclosing with it a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you prefer you may call for this leaflet at the Detroit News Public Service Bureau in either the Majestic Building or the General Motors Building, where it will be given you free of charge.


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