Dresden Plate Leads List of News Quilt Patterns

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Dresden Plate Leads List of News Quilt Patterns
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Article with tally of different patterns of quilts entered into The Detroit News Quilt Contest and Exhibit. Additionally, there are letters from Quilt Club Corner members.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
  • Newspaper clipping
Detroit News History Project
Contact MSU Museum.
  • Applique
  • Block pattern
  • Hand Piecing
  • Hand quilting
  • Machinge Piecing
  • Machine quilting
  • Piecing
  • Quilt guild/quilt club

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Dresden Plate Leads List of News Quilt Patterns By EDITH B. CRUMB. SO many have asked about the number of quilts of the different patterns entered in the Contest that I went through my files and counted those made from five popular patterns, and this is the way they stand: Dresden Plate………………………………….260 Flower Garden………………………………..199 Double Wedding Ring……………………..105 Trip Around the World………………………96 Horoscope…………………………………………48 Isn’t that interesting? Just from viewing the quilts while they hung at the Contest, it would have been difficult to determine which really was the most popular. Of course, the Dresden Plate has been out longer than any other pattern and perhaps, that has something to do with the large number entered; but it will never cease to be popular because it is so attractive and easy to make. And today there is another poem for the Corner. Unfortunately there was no signature, so I am not able to tell you who wrote it, but I know that you will enjoy reading it: MEMORIES OF MY KEEPSAKE QUILT. AS you so calmly view my quilts, Of red and green and blue, They seem a jumbled lot of goods, And tangled floss to you. But when I fondly gaze at them, Through smiles, or maybe tears, They tell me many a thrilling tale, Of all the bygone years. This piece of bright red calico To you means nothing more. To me—it’s my first day at school; I’m six years old once more. This tiny piece of yellowed white To me has much to say, For I’m a blushing bride once more And this, my wedding day. This dainty piece of pink and white Bids all past years depart. My first born baby once more lies Close to his mother’s heart. With reverence this dainty blue I see through blinding tears The little girl God beckoned to Back through the bygone years. And so all twisted through my quilts Are woven days of life. The sad days and the holidays; The days of joy and strife. MY mother (Mrs. B. Bantin, Boyne City, Mich.) received many lovely letters and I would like to thank you. She had planned to come to the Exhibit, but became very ill. She is still ill, but enjoys the letters so much. MRS. HENRY WICK. Plymouth, Michigan. I am sorry to learn that illness prevented your mother from attending the Exhibit; but I am happy to know that the Corner members wrote to her and that their letters have been a comfort to her. Thank you for telling us about this and when your mother feels well enough I trust that she will write to the Corner. I HAVE been an interested member for a long time, and have made several quilts. I enjoyed seeing the wonderful Exhibit and hope to have several quilts to enter in your next contest. I am sending in for the Doll quilt pattern now. MRS. LEO GEISLER, Warren, Mich. The new Doll quilt pattern has been sent out to you and I hope that you will enjoy making it. If there is another Exhibit I shall look forward to seeing several quilts entered by you, Mrs. Geisler. Thank you for writing and please send another letter soon. THIS is my first letter to your Corner, although I always read the interesting letters from others. My daughter and I attended the Contest and enjoyed it very much. My next quilt will be the Trip Around the World. I would like to arrange the colors as Mrs. Weismuller, of Lincoln Park, had hers. I have two quilts ready for the frames and two just started. I do hope we will have another Contest, I am sure my daughter and I will have our quilts finished, and will enter them. MRS. B. O. MILLER, 5579 Montclair, Detroit, Mich. Your first letter should be only a starter and from now on there should be one every once in a while. You will enjoy making the Trip Around the World and the rainbow effect which you intend to use is very attractive and lots of fun to arrange and watch work out. If there is another Contest, I certainly hope that you and your daughter will have quilts to enter. I WANT to thank you for enrolling me as a member of the Quilt Club Corner. My daughter-in-law and I attended the Exhibit on Saturday and enjoyed every minute of the time. Everything was lovely. I hope that there will be another exhibition next year and that I will be there. MRS. T. B. THOMPSON. 2532 South Boulevard, Port Huron, Mich. To have you as a member of the Quilt Club makes me happy, Mrs. Thompson, and I trust that you will keep in close touch with the Corner by reading and writing, and then if there is another Exhibit I will look forward to seeing a quilt or two entered by you.


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