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Quilt Club Corner
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Article about a quilt which was in The Detroit News Quilt Contest and Exhibit. There are also letters from Quilt Club Corner members, an advertisement for the second leaflet in the Old-Fashioned Nosegay quilt pattern, and a membership blank to join the Quilt Club Corner.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Detroit News History Project
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Much Admired in News Contest [Photograph of quilt] THIS lovely old homespun blanket embroidered in charming floral design was a popular entry in Quilt Club show. Old Embroidered Blankets Entered in News’ Contest By EDITH B. CRUMB. QUITE different from the rest of the quilts in the antique section at the Quilt Exhibit was that shown in the accompanying illustration for it was an antique embroidered wool blanket. This was of a soft creamy tint and the floral design, (a very graceful one, too) was embroidered in very lovely colors. The design was perhaps copied from a piece of chintz or it may have been one originated by the woman who made the blanket. There were many artistic souls who had no other outlet for their genius than to design quilts and coverlets and fortunately many examples of their craftsmanship have been preserved. The wool for this blanket was, no doubt, from sheep on the farm of Clementine Watkins, the maker, and it was carded and woven in the household. The same is probably true of the wool thread with which it was embroidered, event he dyeing having been done at home with vegetable colorings. Mrs. A. C. Duffy, 126 Beresford avenue, Highland Park, entered this blanket in the Contest and was given a ribbon award for it. “Italy” I think is for Italy. New York is a small town near Watkins Glen. Have you started the Nosegay quilt yet? With the second leaflet now ready for you, you will be able to complete the first bouquet and see just how delightful it really is. You would be surprised if you knew how many hundred quilt-makers had sent in and called for this pattern; and I know that if there is another Contest this year there will be a goodly number of quilts entered from this pattern. The doll quilt is another one which was received with enthusiasm. Many have already written in about finishing quilts from it and seem to be pleased with it. Don’t forget to write to the Corner and help keep it going for your letters are very important for this purpose. Stayed Long at Show. I am really ashamed for waiting this long to tell you how much I enjoyed the Exhibit. I think it was just wonderful. Ms. Murphy and I spent all Saturday afternoon and we only looked at half, for we stopped every once in a while to have a chat with other members. So we had to come back Sunday and finish up. We ended up by staying until 9 o’clock. I do hope we will have another one next year and that we will have just again as many quilts. I also enjoyed meeting Mrs. Purcell. I had the pleasure of having her stay a day and night with me. Here is news I am very pleased about. Our Dresden Plate is in Nova Scotia. A girl friend visiting me this fall took it back with her. She is one of the matrons there in a girls’ home and they started some of them quilting. She tells me they are so excited about it and interested, too. So I feel very pleased about it. MRS. M. LAWSON. It took much longer to look at all of those quilts at the Exhibit than you thought it would, didn’t it, Mrs. Lawson? Aside from the interesting quilts there were so many delightful people with which to chat that the time just whizzed along. Don’t you think that if we have an exhibit next year we will have many more quilts than we did this year? So many remarked how disappointed they were because they did not have an opportunity to finish their quilts. And others told about very lovely antiques that they had not thought about entering but would not let another contest be held without including them. That certainly is interesting to learn about your quilt being in Nova Scotia. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if some of those girls wrote to the Corner? Thank you for writing to the Corner about it. Write to Mrs. La Coe. I was one of the first to join the Corner and I have enjoyed it very much. I have made three quilts and hoped to attend the Exhibit, but I just returned from the hospital a few days before it. I am writing this in bed but hope you can read it. I will have to depend on the members’ description of the Contest. Mrs. Shover called to see me. MRS. WILLIAM LA COE. 2621 Pasadena, Detroit, Michigan. Just as soon as you are able to see callers, Mrs. La Coe, I am sure that you will have some for there are many who are anxious to talk over the Exhibit with you, and it will be almost as good as going to hear about it. I remember you as being one of the first Corner members, and I am glad to know that nothing keeps you from writing in. I know that you will receive lots of letters, too. Let us know. Will you? Attended Quilt Show. I went to the Quilt Show and had a wonderful time. I exchanged patches with a great many of the ladies. I am looking forward to another quilt shown next year. I was not able to enter a quilt in the Exhibit as I was in the hospital most of the summer, and when I came home there was so much to be done that I did not have time to sew. I hope the Corner keeps up as I enjoy it so much. I had a very nice chat with Gran at the Exhibit. MRS. RALPH H. WILLIAMS. 9354 Caslin, Detroit, Mich. Wasn’t it nice that you were able to attend the show even if you were not well enough to finish a quilt? I hope that now you will start a quilt or two and have something to enter if there is a show next year. Will you do that? You must have enjoyed chatting and exchanging patches with the other quilt-makers and I know that Gran must have been delighted to meet you. Everyone seems to want the Corner to continue so if each will be good enough to contribute a letter occasionally that is all that is necessary to keep it rolling along merrily. Will you help? You Tie a Little Bow Around Each Nosegay In the new nosegay quilt that Quilt Club members are making. This little bow and the green leaves are shown in Leaflet No. 2 of the nosegay series. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Quilt Club editor and ask for Leaflet No. 2. Copies may also be called for at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building, the General Motors Building, and the Pontiac Bank Building, Pontiac. Beauty in the Home Editor: Please enter my name as a member of the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club. Name……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Street and number…………………………………………………………………………………………………… City…………………………………………………………. State………………………………………………………


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