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Quilt Club Corner
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
Article discussing a coverlet which was in The Detroit News Quilt Contest and Exhibit. There are also letters from Quilt Club Corner members and an advertisement for the second leaflet of the Old-Fashioned Nosegay quilt pattern.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
  • Newspaper clipping
Detroit News History Project
Contact MSU Museum.
  • Applique
  • Block pattern
  • Hand Piecing
  • Hand quilting
  • Machinge Piecing
  • Machine quilting
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  • Quilt guild/quilt club
Quilt Club Contest

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Here’s Last of Coverlets Show at News Contest By EDITH B. CRUMB. THE last of the interesting antique quilts and coverlets which won ribbon awards at The Detroit News Quilt Contest is shown in this illustration. It is a fine example of early craftsmanship, being made of homespun wool and flax, the wool having been dyed to a rich deep blue. A barrel of indigo dye was a necessity in nearly every household in the early days—one dip of wool making a light tint of blue and an all night bath resulting in a rich shade. The design in this coverlet has an intricacy that leads one to believe that it was an itinerant weaver. The simpler patterns were usually the product of the home-maker. In the corner of this coverlet is the inscription, “Eleanor King, Liberty and Independence, Ithaca, 1837, A. Davidson, fancy weaver.” It is owned by Mrs. Eleanor Atkins, 1154 Merrick avenue, Detroit, who entered it in the Contest. The Trip Around the World has become a very popular pattern since the Contest. Many who never made quilts before became so interested in this pattern that they sent right away for the leaflet on it and I know that if there is a Contest next fall there will be many, many more Trips there. The Double Wedding Ring and Dresden Plate are also very popular patterns. In fact there has been such a demand for all three of these leaflets that a large new supply has been printed so that every one may have a pattern just as soon as she wishes it. The doll quilt has had many favorable comments. Some are using it for doll beds, others for cribs and one quilt-maker wrote in that she intended to make a full sized quilt from this pattern. It is one of those old-fashioned ones that would be so appropriate for a four-poster or Jenny Lind type of bed. And, of course, the Flower Garden leaflet is one which is being called for every day. Every quilt-maker who saw this at the Contest could scarcely wait until she had received the leaflets on it so that she could begin one. How do you like the Nosegay design, and are you making a scrap book? Don’t forget to write a note to the Quilt Club Corner, as all of the members are looking for more letters and you will help to keep this Corner going at top speed by giving just a few minutes of your time in writing in to it. MISSED THE CONTEST. We just can’t let the Quilt Corner go, so let us all pitch in and do our bit. I was one of the unfortunate members who missed the Contest. I know it was a lovely display, I saw the quilt Mrs. William Russell, of Richmond, made. Wasn’t it just grand? I felt that all Richmond should be proud of the honor she gained. It means a lot of work to make a quilt by hand, and hers was so accurate, showing how much pains she took. I hope there will be another Contest next year. I will surely have a quilt there. If there is any member who does drawn work, I wish she would write to me. I will be glad to hear from any quilt member if I can be of help. I would like to suggest that the yardage required for each pattern be put on the leaflets if possible. I would appreciate it and I am sure others would, too. MRS. L. E. PADGETT, 229 Lafayette, Romeo, Mich. I want to thank you for coming to the front and helping so generously with that nice letter so that the Quilt Club Corner may keep right on. Every one is so helpful and doing all she can in the way of letter writing. No matter how many letters I receive, I am always asking for more, but the larger the number of letters, the more successful will the Corner be and I know that you and all of the members want it to grow to be a great big Corner. Thank you for the idea of the yardage. Some times it has been impossible to give yardage for quilts as scraps were to be used; but whenever possible, hereafter, I shall endeavor to include this information in a leaflet. Leaves of the Nosegay Ready for Quiltmakers Leaflet number 2 of the new Nosegay Quilt series, is the one which adds the stems and leaves and ties the bow around the bunch of calico blossoms. Its now ready and may be had by any who ask for it, and enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope. Address request to Quilt club Corner. Copies may also be called for at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building, the General Motors Building, and the Pontiac Bank Building, Pontiac.


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