Here is a Quilt with an Interesting History

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Here is a Quilt with an Interesting History
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner column. This issue tells the story of a women who is nearly blind that still quilts.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Here is a Quilt with an Interesting History
Insert at left shows Kathryn Hembree who was given this quilt made by her great-grandmother, Mrs. John king (insert at right). Mrs. King, who is totally blind in one eye and partially in the other cut all pieces, arranges, and sewed them without assistance.

A Precious Possession for Great Grand-Child
By Edith B Crumb

Do you think if you were totally blind in one eye and partially so n the other that you could cut quilt blocks, thread your needle and sew little triangles together to make a quilt like the one in the illustration?
That sounds like a very difficult thing to do, but it is just what Mrs. John King, who lives near Mecosta, Michigan, has done: and she has sent this quilt to her little great grandchild, Kathryn Hembree, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hembreee, 8715 De Soto avenue, Detroit.

One often hears of a quilt being made by a blind person with the aid of someone doing the cutting of the blocks, but to think that Mrs. King has done every bit of this quilt herself seems very remarkable. It is difficult for her to distinguish one person from another without hearing the voice, s you can imagine what a task it must have been for her to make this quilt all by herself. Every other block in this is quilt is made from the Fox and Geese pattern, and if you have made this design you will know that for someone with good eyesight it is not an easy one to assemble for being made of small and large triangles it often causes difficulty at the corners. These other blocks are miscellaneous, being so made, no doubt, in order to utilize every scrap of material.

The colors are hit and miss arrangement, but that makes it very fascinating for there are so many kinds and designs of material that one never tires of examining it and picking out choice bits of color. Kathryn must give this quilt very special care for in years to come it will become more precious to her and there are not many little girls who will have such a fascinating heirloom.

Perhaps Kathryn will become a quilt maker in a few years and then we can have a picture in the Quilt Club Corner of a quilt she has made.

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