Exposition Visitors Take 10,000 Leaflets Daily from News Booth

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Exposition Visitors Take 10,000 Leaflets Daily from News Booth
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner column. This issue tells of all of the various leaflets the Women's Department of the Detroit News gives out. It also has a letter from a women who wrote in to tell the club about her son who is making a quilt.
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Exposition Visitors Take 10,000 Leaflets Daily from News Booth

At the Rate of 10,000 a day, leaflets covering nearly 200 subjects of interest to women are being distributed at the booth conducted by The Detroit News Home Service Bureau at the Housewares Expositions on the tenth floor of J. L Hudson Co.
Of the 193 leaflets dealing with household problems, beauty in the home, helps for hosting, beauty aids, needle work, child care, gardening, and diets, those most frequently requested deal with menu planning and quilt patterns, according to the four girls in charge of the booth.

These girls are kept jumping from the four counters of the booths to the central stack of files, finding the designated leaflets for rows of women who line the sides of the booth. Each visitor is given a list of all available leaflets on which she is asked to check five that she wants. All these leaflets, and many hundred more, are free to readers of The Detroit News. Since the Woman’s Department issues its first free leaflets in 1922 more than 10,000,000 leaflets on more than 1,500 different subjects of interest to home-makers have been published.

Have you Quilting Circle in Mrs.?  G’s Neighborhood?
By Edith B Crumb

Every letter that comes to the Corner is heartily welcomed and when one starts with “May I join your club?” it is doubly welcomed for it means another new member. And how we do like to have new members! This morning we had a letter from Mrs. Roberts S Gott, 3036 Tyler avenue, Detroit that started just that way, so you can see that the day started off merrily.
Mrs. Gott would like to know if there is a neighborhood club near her. She says she would enjoy the companionship and sociability of its members so much. She likes to make new quilts. At present she is piecing a new postage stamp which is very dainty and most interesting to work on. She likes to exchange materials.

Now I have no idea as to the individuals of neighborhood clubs, but if any of you live near Mrs. Gott and belong to a club, why don’t you get in touch with her? I know that it would mean a great deal to her to be included in a social group of that kind.
Of course you do not have to belong to the Quilt club corner in order to write to it or enter quilts in the exhibit, but it is a convenience to you if you do. Your name is on the mailing list and you are advised when there is anything important to happen.

So, you have not already sent in your membership, be sure to do so either by letter or by filling in the coupon and slipping it in an envelope, directing it to the Quilt Club Corner, The Detroit News.
And don’t forget to write often to the Corner. I am always looking for letters, so don’t disappoint me.

Son to Make Quilts
Dear Miss Crumb: Here I am again. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. I did and I wasn’t to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I am sending for the Airplane pattern and the first five patterns of the Brother-Sister quilt. My young son is going to start a Brother quilt and then he will join the Quilt Club.
Will you please put this notice in the column? Will the lady who sent me the quilt pieces to exchange for the Dresden Plate quilt pattern and didn’t receive the pattern in return please send me her name and address again, as I lost it in moving and I want to send her the pattern.

I would also like to have Mrs. Walter Bench of Rochester, Michigan to know that I am her old friend and neighbor of Snyder Road, and I am going to writer her a long newsletter and explain why I haven’t written before.
I was so sorry I couldn’t attend either one of the Quilt Shows, but am living in hopes to see the next one.
Again, wishing you a Happy new Year, I will say goodbye for this time.

Mrs. Everett Manchester
Clinton, Michigan Box 200

Thank you for your greetings. Everyone in the Corner will be delighted to receive them. Be sure to have your son write to us when he has finished his Brother quilt for we will be interested to see a picture of it. Please be sure to write to the corner again, Mrs. Manchester for many, many letters will be needed to keep it running along merrily and we want a bigger Corner than ever this year. 


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