Quilts History

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Quilts History
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner column.This column features letters from a women who is making aprons for children and another women who talks about the quilts she is planning to make through the winter.
Michigan (MI)
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Quilts History

I have enjoyed all the letters and the pleasant answers, and also the radio visits Tuesday morning. Let us keep the Quilt Corner.

What a wonderful exhibit of quilts there was at the Contest. I was there on Friday for three hours and did not see all that I wanted to.
It gave me a great deal of pleasure to meet Gran. She was so sweet. I wanted to chat with you as many others did, but did not get an opportunity.

I shall always be proud of my ribbon aware for my antique Log Cabin quilt. The Dresden Plate top I entered did not receive a prize. It was the first quilt I ever made and I expect to quilt it and enter it next year.
The Log Cabin quilt was made by my mother-in-law when she was teaching school, at the age of 22. She married a man, 25 years her senior, who was blind and a Methodist minister.
I am keeping the clippings of the corner for a scrap books.

Mrs. Willis Lee Smith
1005 Carmel, Detroit, Mich.

It is very nice of you to write that very integrating letter to the corner, Mrs. Smith, and I hope that you will find the department will supply you with plenty of material for your scrap book.
Gran seems just as happy to meet other as they were to meet her and she had such a good time. I wanted to chat with all of the quilt makers too, but you will understand why I could not do so, considering the large number of people attending. Next year, if there is a Contest, there will be a larger Quilt Club Corner and then there will be a better opportunity for meeting and chatting.

I am sorry you did not write the history of the Log Cabin quilt on a piece of cloth or paper so that it could have been attached to your quilt.
Please write to the Corner again, Mrs. Smith, for everyone will be looking for work from you occasionally.

Has Many Ideas
I went to the Exhibit and now I am making two quilts, one for my small daughter and one for the boy’s room with the kind help of Mrs. Weber. I joined the Quilt Club and met many nice ladies at the meeting. I wish you could see my four boxed of linen stationary that I have initial from the letters of a Wonder Package for one little lady of 12 I used the Scotty, and for a little girl who just loves chicks I put that wee curly chick from the package on the note paper.

Little girlfriend of daughter is going to have a bunny apron from the Wonder Package. Make the ears a little longer and use as shoulder straps. Honestly, I made so many things for friends out of almost nothing.  I made a whole bathroom outfit with the fishes. I also cut out the Lady Making, The Patch Work Quilts every time it was printed in the paper and now I have two pictures sewed and appliqued ready to frame. Can I get the silhouette for her at The News office?

Mrs. J Blasko Jr. 177 Woodmere, Apartment 1,
Detroit, Michigan

I can see that you are a very thrift home-maker, Mrs. Blakso, and really think that the things which are made out of almost nothing are so many time the most attractive and certainly the most appreciated.
The Wonder Package must have paid for itself many time for you and for yeas will find designs in it which will be very useful for you if you are painting or embroidering.

Your idea of using the different patterns on the stationary is certainly a good one. I thought that every possibility had been suggested for this package, but you certainly thought of another and excellent one. Please write again soon. Yes, indeed the silhouettes of the patch work lady may be had from The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the Majestic Building or at the main office of The Detroit News, Lafayette and Second.

Never Misses a Letter
I am so glad the Quilt Club is to continue. I never miss one letter. I am very glad that we are to get new patterns. I am planning to make a couple of quilts this winter in case we do have another contest. I guess I will always be sorry that I did not get to the Contest. We moved that week and my house was a mess that I did not have the courage to leave it.
I have received some lovely letters from different club members and so hope for more. I hope for a happy time this winter, reading and hearing about the club.

Mrs. Snyder
7611 Kercheval, Detroit, Mich.

Good for you, Mrs. Snyder! You have the right idea. Make those two or three quilts, and then in caser there is another Contest, you will be prepared.

Of course, you will always be sorry you did not get to the contest. Everyone seemed to have a good time and many went two and three days, so you surely would have been interested in it.
The Club members have started in writing to each other again and it looks to me as if it is going to be a great big Corner.

Leaves of the Nosegay Ready for Quilt makers
Leaflet number 2 of the new Nosegay Quilt series is the one which adds the stems and leaves and ties the bow around the bunch of calico blossoms. It’s now ready and may be had by any who ask for it, and enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope. Address request to Quilt Club Corner.


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