Scoffs at Quilt Making Then Changed Her Mind

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Scoffs at Quilt Making Then Changed Her Mind
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner Column. This particular column includes the story of a women who never thought she would be a quilter until her mother-in-law showed her how at a family reunion.
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Scoffs at Quilt Making Then Changed Her Mind
By Edith B Crumb

Did you ever stop to realize that some of the most enthusiastic quilt makers were those who said that if there was one thing they would not do it would be to cut up cloth in little pieces and then sew them all together again? Such foolishness! Usually those people change their minds and are good natured enough to admit their mistake and that is just how good natured one of our members is. Here is a letter from her. I know you will enjoy reading it for it tells a little story that is interesting to every quilt-maker.

Dear Miss Crumb: At last, here is my membership coupon. I have enjoyed reading the letters in the Quilt Club Corner and I listen to the radio when I have the opportunity. I must tell you how it came about that I started my first quilt.
Five years ago I visited my husband’s family in the southern Illinois. It was a family reunion and three of us were sister-in-law. My mother-in-law showed us the quilt after quilt she made and we all exclaimed in delight over her Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt (the one with so many small pieces)-and I made the remark, “well, it will be a hot day in December before I start one like that,” and my sister-in-law agreed with me. I don’t know whether or not they saw the smile on my mother-in-laws face but I did.

Several days later we saw her get her patches and scissors out and she said, “Girls if you want to start a quilt I will cut the patches and give you the first block. You can put it together right now then you will know just how it goes.”
We all looked at each other and smiled and obediently went to work. My sister- in –laws have theirs finished, but mine was about half finished when the arrival of twins interrupted me. Since then (three and a half years ago) I have pieced a Dresden Plate and Periwinkle and now I am working on the Prairie Queen for my sister. My son wants a quilt of the Basket design so that will have to be next.

I have quite a few patches to exchange so some of these days I will have to get busy and send some off. I have the addresses of members in about six different states.
The Lazy Daisy sketches are so amusing. May I please have a Lazy Daisy Quilt patch?
I am afraid I will wear out my welcome so I will close. If there are any members who wish to exchange patches, I will gladly do so.

Mrs. B.V. Bagley
526 Whittemore street
Flint, Mich.

You certainly did not wear out your welcome, Mrs. Bagley and I wish that more members would write about how they started to make quilts (especially if they were scoffers at first.) Perhaps you remember some stories that your mothers or grandmothers told about quilts. If so, write these little stories in so that we can have an old-time chat on Saturdays. Let’s have some old-fashioned stories. These may include weaving, dying, spinning or any of the old customs. Surely you must have some interesting old tales. Perhaps you have not thought about them for years so jog that memory of yours and write a little note to the Quilt Club Corner and tell us a story.

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