A Corner Friend Offers Scraps to Some Quilter

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A Corner Friend Offers Scraps to Some Quilter
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner Column. This particular column includes a letter from a woman offering to give material to a club member who cannot afford to buy their own. It also includes the announcement of a new quilt pattern- the appliqued medallion quilt.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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A Corner Friend Offers Scraps to Some Quilter
By Edith B Crumb

Every quilt maker likes to feel that every little scrap of material is utilized but last week I had a phone call from someone who had the same idea about scraps although she was not a quilt maker. Mrs. R.B. Beauchamp, 13116 Monica avenue, Detroit, told me that she had quite an amount of silk scraps and also some scraps of cotton material and she wanted to know if I knew of a quilt maker and was not in a position to buy them.

Unfortunately I have no list of names covering this need so I told Mrs. Beauchamp that I would put a  little note in the paper and ask anyone who wished to make a request for the scraps to write to her.
She does not think there is enough of either kind of material for an entire kind of material for an entire quilt but perhaps someone has a quilt started and has had no money to buy material to finish it. This is the kind of quilt maker I would like to see receive the materials.

Just drop Mrs. Beauchamp a line and tell her about your quilt making. She will be glad to hear from you. I have asked her to let us know what responses she has, for I think it is always interesting to know what happens, when an offer of this kind is put in the paper. Aren’t you?

Please do not ask for material if you are in a position to buy them for yourself. Let’s leave then for someone who is really in need of them.

I think that it was very generous of Mrs. Beauchamp to make this offer and she will be very happy if she feels that her scraps are making someone contented.

Have you Patches?
Dear Miss Crumb: I list for your Quilt Club of the Air every Monday. I would like to exchange quilt patches with some of your members, Patches must be seven by seven inches. Thank you!

Mrs. Earl H Schafer
305 Tecumseh St.
Dundee, Mich.

Mrs. Schafer must be collecting patches for a certain pattern so be sure that the ones you send her measure seven by seven inches. She will be glad to hear from you, I am sure. Mrs. Schafer is a new member and we are delighted to have her name on our long, long list.

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. Wm Jay
1389 Lemay Ave

Miss Mae V Kissane
Box 3
Gaines, Mich.

Mrs. J Kluge
5566 Franklin St.
Lenox, P.O.
Richmond, Mich.

Mrs. F.D. Elivess
530 State St N
Ionia, Mich.

Mrs. C.H. Elliott
8095 Chalmere Ave
Van Dyke, Mich.

Mrs. D Elliot
6703 Grandville Ave.

Mrs. Alma Ellis
RR No. 2
Farmington, Mich.

Mrs. G.W. Ellisor
1503 Evergreen Ave
Montgomery Ala.

Mrs. Alice Ellsworth
Mechanic St.
Barre, Mass.

Mrs. Lucy Elmore
1191 Holcomb Ave

Mrs. Beatrice Elwell
Auburn Heights, Mich.

Here’s Quilt Pattern You’ll Enjoy Making
The appliqued medallion quilt is a popular pattern and deservedly so because it is interesting and lovely when completed. And besides that it is a simple design easily assembled and effective when completed. And besides that it is a simple design easily assembled and effective when made in colors that harmonize with the room furnishings. For winter pick up work, here is pattern that is just what you want. Send for it today.
The catalog number is ID44

To procure this l leaflet send your name and address and five cents postage to The Detroit News Public Service Bureau making sure to inclose the catalog number and any four other leaflets you select will be mailed to you unfolded to fit the new holders. Or call in person at the Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the main building of The News at Second and Lafayette boulevards or at the branch offices in the General Motors or the Majestic building.  


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