Now Is the Time to Plan for That Big Spring Show

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Now Is the Time to Plan for That Big Spring Show
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner and Thread and Thimble Club. This column includes a description of the upcoming Quilt Show. It also includes a letter from a member requesting a block exchange.
Michigan (MI)
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The Detroit News
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Now Is the Time to Plan for That Big Spring Show
By Edith B Crumb
Happy New Year! I hope that this is an exceptionally happy day for each and every one of you and that you have made some resolutions which you really intend to keep. We always make them, of course, but some of them fade away in almost no time.
But this year it must be different. Remember that we have a quilt show, April 16, 17, and 18 which means that your quilters should get busy right away. Perhaps you are planning to quilt some tops which you have some time- you may even have had them in the show last year-or perhaps you are planning to make new quilts from start to finish.

You Must Hurry
In either case, there isn’t a minute to be lost. One week from today, (Jan 8) I hope to see the assembly room in the lower level of the new studios, WWJ, The Detroit News, just packed with quilt makers, each doing something toward getting ready for the show.

It seems a long time since we had out Christmas gathering and if you are all looking forward to next Friday as eagerly as I am, you will be happy to see it roll around.

More Letters, Too
There is another resolution which I hope each of you made. That is to write often to the Quilt Club Corner. We want your letters or cards. Those penny postal cards are as welcome as letters. The more we find on our desks in the morning the happier we are.

Some time ago Mrs. A.J. Kreger, Route no. 2, Plymouth, Mich. Wrote us a card.
Dear Miss Crumb: If you can find a little space in the column for this short note I would certainly appreciate it.
Will this woman I met at the first Quilt Club Corner gathering on Oct. 9 and who lives, I believe out of the city, in either Hazel Park, Lincoln Park, or Ferndale drop me a line?
We exchanged addresses in the lobby of the News building. I have, unfortunately, mislaid her address and I would like to follow up our acquaintance.

You may be interested to know Miss Crumb that I discovered a friend from whom I had not heard for several years, through the birthday list. Thank you.

Write Again
It is always interesting to have these items, Mrs. Kreger and we hope that your new acquaintance gets in touch with you. Now, do write us another card soon.
A note came from Mrs. Ann M Kurf,6731 Majestic Place, Detroit, telling us that her birthday is Jan. 1. Unfortunately, it did not arrive in time for the birthday listing. Happy Birthday, Mr. Kurz! Now you are listed in the book and all ready for next year.

Send Dates Early
Please see to it that your birthday dates are sent at least two weeks (and three would be better) in advance, for they are listed far ahead of time.

Another of those popular little cards was received from Mrs. Esther Howard, Route No.1 Sandborn, Indiana. Mrs. Howard writes: “Dear miss Crumb: Since I join your Quilt Club Corner I have received many nice letters patterns and 12x12 inch blocks. I am going to visit you if I get home this year.

I am making hooked rugs now I have 31 old time Album blocks and they certainly are pretty thanks to the members. I will make any one a block for a black and would like 12x12 inches only.
Even though my birthday is not until March I am sending it ahead of time.

We appreciate that Mrs. Howard and it has been put right down in the book so there should be no mistake about getting it in early. Thank you for sending it early.

Why don’t you plan to visit in Detroit during the Quilt Show, April 16, 17, and 18? Perhaps you can send some of your quilts for this exhibit. How about it?


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